Travel Lightroom Presets by

Travel Lightroom Presets by

Creator: Photographyplanet


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This set of 22 Lightroom presets was created specifically with travel photos in mind. Take your own travel or vacation photos to the next level with the help of these presets.

These presets can be used in any version of Lightroom since Lightroom 4 (this includes LR4, LR5, LR6, LR7, LR8, LR9, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC) on Mac or PC. The presets work with RAW files, DNG files, and JPG files.

The presets are provided in 3 different formats:

  • .xmp files for LR Classic and LR CC
  • .lrtemplate files for older versions of Lightroom (LR4, LR5, and LR6)
  • .dng files for use with the Lightroom mobile app

The download file includes instructions for installing Lightroom presets.


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