Travel Video LUTs by Matteo Martignago


Travel Video LUTs by Matteo Martignago

Creator: Matteo Martignago

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Mixture of Warm and Cold Tones Video LUTs


These incredible presets are great for adding that cinematic style to your footage! These are my personal top 5 LUTs I have been using the past three years during my career for most of the projects I worked on (Travel Commercials, Hotels promotional videos, etc..)

Step up your game with these 5 LUTS

  • New Zealand
    To add a cold and dramatic look to your footage.
  • Sahara
    If you want that retro, vintage style with slightly desaturates colors and low tones, this is the LUT you are looking for.
  • Tahiti
    I have always used this particular LUT to push some greens in the blue tones while maintaining the highlights towards a warmer look.
  • Metropolis
    This particular LUT is perfect for dusk and dawn scenarios, because it pushes some green in the shadows and introduces some pink in the highlights, creating a really interesting color separation
  • San Francisco
    So far one of my personal favorite. It gives a really warm and cinematic look to the entire image.


This package comes with 5 .cube LUTs. It is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop etc…

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