Ultimate Mono FX – 76 Presets


Ultimate Mono FX – 76 Presets

Creator: Andy Wood

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A bundle of 76 presets contains .xmp files for Lightroom and Photoshop.

The bundle contains 23 classic Black and White film-type interpretations PLUS 53 mono effects.


AGFA: APX 25, APX 100, APX 400, SCALA 200X

FUJI: Neopan 400, Neopan ACROS II, Neopan Pro 1600

ILFORD: Delta 100, Delta 400, Delta 3200, FP4, HP5, Pan F, SFX, XP2 Super

KODAK: Panatomic-X, Plus-X 125PX Pro, TMAX 100, TMAX 400, TMAX P3200, TRI-X

POLAROID: 672, 667

** MONO FX **

Antique Plate, Bleached, Blue Tinge, Bright Antique Plate, Bright Fade, Contrast, Cool, Cool Portrait, Dark Glow, Dark Selenium, Dark Sepia, Dark Sharp, Deep Blues, Deep Greens.

Drama, Fade, faded Antique Plate, Faded Selenium, Fall, Film Noire, Film Noire Bright, Film Noire Dark, Fine Art framed, Fine Art Unframed, Glamour, Glow, Grit, Harsh.

High Clarity, High Contrast, High Key, High Key Smooth, High Key Structure, Ice Cool, Intensive, Light Haze, Low Key, Low Key Smooth, Low Key Structure, Mist, Moonshine.

Pinhole, Selenium, Silhouette, Smooth, Soft Sepia, Summer, Super Fade, Vintage 1, Vintage 2, Vintage Portrait, Weathered, Yellow

Please remember that your images are your personal creation. You decide what looks good and what works. Using presets and overlays is just the starting point in your creative journey. Inevitable some adjustments and tweaking will be required for any image.

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