Vector GRINDER Toolkit Actions


Vector GRINDER Toolkit Actions

Creator: Graphic Spirit


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💥🔥 POWERFUL Vector GRINDER — new user-friendly tool to apply to vector and raster images texture opacity mask.

Now for versions: CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

⚡ All textures are now in separate files in order to minimize the load on the processor.

✔ Why vector grinder should have every designer:

  • Simple operation using masks with action
  • It works with both vector and raster objects
  • You can apply multiple textures to the same object
  • You can move objects with the result in other projects while retaining the ability to edit
  • Toolkit contains a large library of different textures
  • Texture library has free updates, stay tuned!
  • You can add custom textures in the library

🎬👀 Look 1-minute demo


⭐ Texture Library:

  • 6 Cracks
  • 6 Noise
  • 14 Grunge
  • 3 Dots
  • 2 Paper
  • 8 Halftone
  • 2 Fabric
  • 5 Paint
  • 1 Wood
  • 12 Distress
  • 14 Wood

⭐ Actions file:

  • 100% mask (with instructions)
  • 100% mask (without instructions)
  • 80% mask (with instructions)
  • 80% mask (without instructions)
  • 50% mask (with instructions)
  • 50% mask (without instructions)
  • Release Mask

⭐ User Guide

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