10 Professional LUTs Packs for Filmmaking

Find versatile and professional LUTs packs for filmmaking.

Color grading your footage is extremely important. So important, that many people even recognize and recall tv shows and movies by their color or ‘look’. When editing colors, it can be difficult to align your footage and find the right effects to match your shooting style.

Lookup tables, or LUTs, are a useful tool you can use to get started. Using LUTs can help you to create a look that matches the mood of your footage. They can bring out more colors and light detail from raw footage.

In this article, we gather 10 versatile and professional LUTs packs for filmmaking. These include custom LUTs made for editing music videos, short films, blockbuster style movies, travel/adventure videos, outdoor and nature documentaries, and much more.

1. Cineplus KinoLUT

Cineplus KinoLUT Cinematic Color Grading LUTs

A bundle of professional Hollywood looks and cinematic tones for color grading from Cineplus. This pack includes 45 unique cinematic LUTs in REC709 and LOG spaces. Named “THE most flesh-friendly orange/teal LUT” by Karin Gottschalk of Planet5D, these LUTs are sure to help you in your editing process.

View Cineplus KinoLUT here →

2. IWLTBAP Film Tones LUTs Collection

Featured IWLTBAP Video LUTs Collection - FilterGrade Marketplace

A versatile collection of film tones and cinematic lookup tables by IWLTBAP. Including 20 original LUTs that are perfect for all types of footage. Add cool/warm looks, natural earthy tones, film styles, and more with these effects. You can take a look at some sample footage (shot with Lumix LX100) using these LUTs here.

View the IWLTBAP Film Tones LUTs →

3. Jakob Owens LUTs Bundle 1

Jakob Owens LUTs Bundle 1

Created by director and producer Jakob Owens, these vibrant LUTs are useful for color grading footage of music videos, short films, travel videos, and more. This pack includes 15 cinema LUTs with washed out looks, retro/vintage effects, and deep tones.

View Jakob Owens LUTs Bundle 1 here →

4. Vanessa & Ivo’s Wedding LUTs – SB Pack

Vanessa & Ivo Wedding LUTs - FilterGrade

The SB LUTs Pack was created by the wedding videography duo, Vanessa & Ivo. This S-Log LUTs Pack includes 9 color and 3 black and white lookup tables to help you add romantic tones and detailed looks to your wedding/engagement videos. You can see some sample footage (shot with Sony) using these LUTs here.

View the Vanessa & Ivo’s Wedding LUTs – SB Pack →


3 Vanessa & Ivo's Wedding LUTs - SB Pack - FilterGrade

5. Neumann Films Blockbuster LUTs

Neumann Films Blockbuster LUTs for video editing and color grading.

A comprehensive bundle of cinematic LUTs made to emulate the looks of popular blockbuster movies. This LUTs pack, created by Neumann Films, includes 10 cinematic LUTs compatible with 10 unique camera profiles. Watch the Blockbuster LUTs preview.

View the Neumann Films Blockbuster LUTs →

6. Levels LUT Video LUTs

Featured Levels LUTs

Custom LUTs used for cinematic films and professional product video from Levels LUT. This bundle includes 140+ LUTs and versatile effects compatible with Slog2-3 from SONY. These LUTs also include .CUBE support.

View the Levels LUT Video LUTs →

7. Neumann Films BMPCC LUTs

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera LUTs by Neumann Films

Made specifically for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, these cinematic LUTs from Neumann Films can help bring your footage to life. From warm and vintage effects to basic contrast effects, this bundle of 10 Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera LUTs proves very useful.

View the Neumann Films BMPCC  LUTs →

8. Miesner Media House LUTs

Custom color grading house LUTs from Miesner Media.

Custom LUTs from Miesner Media that were pulled from a collection of real world projects as well as experimental look building. This pack includes 49 film LUTs with both Rec709 (standard DSLR color space) and Log (standard cinema camera color space) versions so you can use easily use them on any and all footage that comes your way.

View the Miesner Media House LUTs →

9. Blackwall Film Co. Video LUTs

*Featured - Blackwall Video LUTs - FilterGrade

Born in the woods and prairies of Montana, this LUTs pack from Blackwall Film Co. is great for dramatic adventure and landscape shots. To help color grade your next outdoor film, give these LUTs a try. This kit includes 13 .cube LUTs with a warm, lifestyle feel.

View the Blackwall Film Co. Video LUTs →

Blackwall Video LUTs - FilterGrade

10. Rocket Rooster Analog Cinema LUTs Bundle

Featured Rocket Rooster Analog Cinema LUTs Bundle - FilterGrade Marketplace

An exclusive bundle of 5 analog cinema LUTs packs from Rocket Rooster. This mega-bundle includes 250+ Log to Rec 709 LUTs with film emulations, vintage themes, black and white LUTs, and more. Useful for color grading travel and beach videos, lifestyle short films, and a wide variety of other film and media projects.

View the Rocket Rooster Analog Cinema LUTs Bundle →

BONUS: Free Cinematic LUTs Pack

Download a free pack of cinematic LUTs for video editing and color grading.

A useful collection of free cinematic LUTs we put together for you to use in your personal and commercial video projects! This pack includes 8 .cube LUTs with dramatic effects, teal and orange LUTs, and more. Watch the demo footage and installation tutorial!

Download the Free Cinematic LUTs Pack here →

Learn About LUTs

Read helpful tutorials about lookup tables and the various types of LUTs available to color grading professionals.

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