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FilterGrade QuickTone Photoshop Actions Review

FilterGrade QuickTone Photoshop Actions Review

Our latest product, QuickTone, is quite unique and has some intriguing aspects, so I figured a review of it would be fitting.

If you are new to QuickTone or need to learn a bit more about it, this is a great explanation. As well as the technical aspects, below I’ll share a ton of images, information, and hopefully answer some questions you have.

If you’re already convinced that you’ll love it, you can grab the pack here.

What is QuickTone?

QuickTone is a comprehensive bundle of subtle Photoshop actions inspired and made to emulate the raw tones of Earth. Simply put, these are minimal effects for photographers who don’t like to overdo it.

If you are looking for harsh and damaging effects, these probably aren’t built for you.

QuickTone Photoshop Actions from FilterGrade

Included Actions & Resources

Included in QuickTone are a variety of actions and tools made to help you add subtle effects to your photos in the most efficient way possible. Here’s a quick breakdown of the included goods.

  • 30 Subtle Photoshop Actions.
  • 4 Light Adjustment Tools that help with Exposure.
  • 1 Play-All Action to Save Time.
  • Custom Built Workflow for Speedy Editing.
  • 5 Full Guides for Ease of Use.

Guides & Help Files

To make it even easier to get started, I wrote five help files about QuickTone and the included products. This is what each guide teaches you.

  • Getting Started – A brief intro to QuickTone along with some helpful tips to get going, including a simplified tutorial on installing Photoshop actions.
  • Using QuickTone – An in-depth guide to the QuickTone workflow and some common uses/best practices.
  • Using the Light Adjuster – A full guide to using the Light Adjuster Action for exposure adjustments. This helps you get the right lighting.
  • Using the Play-All Action – A minimal guide for working with our Play-All actions. These apply every effect to your photo, and then turn them off to save you the time of applying effects individually.
  • Additional Support – A small guide with links and information about getting more support. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions.


FilterGrade QuickTone Photoshop Actions are compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

These actions will work perfectly in Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, Photoshop CC, and Photoshop CC 2014. We’ve tested these actions in Photoshop CS3, but have gotten mixed results so we can’t guarantee that they will work 100%.

These actions will not work in Photoshop Elements or other photo editing platforms such as Gimp and PixelMator.

Grouping & Labeling

When you download QuickTone, every Photoshop action will be installed in one group. Within this group are labels and sub-groups to help you navigate.

Quick Tone Features

The sub-groups are developed to make your workflow easier and more efficient.

The Workflow

QuickTone Photo Editing Workflow

If you’ve been confused about “the workflow” of QuickTone, here is the clarifying text about it. Essentially the workflow is the organization and grouping of the effects included, to help you edit your photos faster and with less confusion.

Here is what it looks like.

  • Specialty Actions – these include the Play-All and Light Adjuster Actions.
    • The Play-All action will effectively play every action below it, excluding the Light Adjuster. It then organized them in your Layers Palette, and turns each effect off.
    • You then can turn layers on and off, use multiple effects at once, and work through the various levels of effects.
    • The Light Adjuster Action is a handy effect that uses Masks to help you brighten or darken parts of your image.
  • Starters – these three actions are all subtle light and contrast tweaks to boost your images color and brightness.
  • Mattes – the mattes help you add a nice soft matte or film effect to your photos. Varying in subtle to harsh, these are so useful for quick matte adjustments.
  • Workflow – the workflow effects are all subtle tints from different colors. Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Violet adjustments can be found here.
  • Earth Tones – the earth tones are gorgeous adjustments built from colors of the earth to help you give your photos a natural feel.
  • Vintage Tones – the vintage tones are simply put, retro effects. They will help you add retro or film tints to your image at varying degrees.
  • Faded Tones – the last, and probably best set, are the faded tones. Included are 9 unique faded adjustments to add intriguing effects to your images.


Here are some beautiful examples of what you can do with QuickTone.

minimal photoshop actions

subtle photoshop actions





When purchasing QuickTone you aren’t just getting a pack of Photoshop actions. You’re getting the ability to save time editing your photos with ease and have fun doing it.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

  • Subtle, non-destructive effects that are gorgeous.
  • Save time with the Play-All Actions and the stackable features.
  • Customize the effects by using multiple at once, adjusting them, or combining them with our other actions.
  • Share your photos with the FilterGrade Community and get recognition for your amazing photography.
  • Have a ton of fun and learn more about photo editing/post processing.

Itching to try it?

Buy QuickTone Now

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