Resources for Online Artists and Freelancers During Coronavirus

Resources for Online Artists and Freelancers During Coronavirus - FilterGrade

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to affect people all around the world, many freelancers and artists are left with little to no options to generate income. This is an unprecedented time of uncertainty so it’s understandable and expected that most people don’t know exactly how to deal with the creative struggles and financial complications that have come along with this pandemic.

 Thankfully, there are plenty of brands, businesses, and services providing support, training, information, and offering resources to artists and freelancers during  coronavirus. So whether you want to learn a new skill to pass the time, connect with potential buyers & clients, or financial help during a trying time, there are resources out there to help get you by. Let’s check them out!


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Zwolf Strategy

In response to the coronavirus, Zwolf strategy has launched a series of intimate, online courses, called Strategy Supper Club, designed to support artists and freelancers. The sessions are free, but they are collecting food donations to further continue their philanthropic efforts. They have new classes each week, and you can learn more and sign up here.  

Adobe Creative Cloud

Used by the majority of professionals in the creative space, Adobe Creative Cloud is an essential part of many online artists and freelancers’ work. It is, however, extremely expensive. In an effort to support artists and freelancers, Adobe has eliminated additional license charges and extended the renewal grace period by 60 days. Learn more here. 

Financial Assistance 

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Format is an online portfolio platform that’s already used by many online artists and freelancers. Recently, they launched a $25,000 fund specifically for freelance photographers and visual artists who have lost work due to coronavirus and are likely to struggle financially. It’s providing up to $500 of assistance per person, however, they are in the process of partnering with other companies to increase that amount. You can find the application form here.

ConvertKit- The Creator Fund

Widely used email marketing app, ConvertKit has also joined in on the coronavirus philanthropic efforts by “supporting creators in need.” The Creator Fund, which started at has $50,000, has now amassed over $150,000 of financial support to offer to those who qualify. With contributions coming in daily, the number continues to grow. Apply or donate to this worthy cause here. 

Creative Capital

Creative Capital has partnered with other businesses in an effort to provide financial support to artists and freelancers. Artists are eligible for up to $5,000 in grants, and the fund will continue to operate for the next six months. You must be able to receive taxable income and have lived in the United States for at least two years to qualify. Learn more about this incredible relief effort here

Creative Help

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The Chigaco-based agency has found an especially creative solution to support artists during these uncertain times. To provide coronavirus relief, Muros has launched #MakeWithMuros, a campaign that gives artists a platform to sell their work. Muros will be spotlighting a new artist every day on its Instagram page for 30 days, paying them to create a piece, and helping them sell it afterward. Find out more about their unique support here


Upwork is a an incredibel website for both freelancers and small businesses, especially during these weird times. Upwork is essentially a marketplace for companies or freelancers to find the best fit for them. Plus, it’s all up to the freelancer how little. or how much they want to work. If you’re just looking to write a few articles to gain some monthly cash, this is perfect for you. If you’re looking for more work, there are companies on Upwork looking! Go out and find them. :)

Hire Artists

During these uncertain times, has emerged as a way to create additional streams of income, to skillshare, and to help pass the with productive learning. It helps connect buyers and supporters with artists, which is absolutely essential with everyone experiencing differing levels of quarantine.  


Although this type of support wasn’t designed specifically in response to COVID-19, it certainly will help. Users of the peer review app, Fellow, are organizing online peer reviews, using Google Sheets, to help those stuck at home. You can edit others work or have your own looked over. Sign up to review others work or get feedback on your own here


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Art World Conference 

In an effort to help freelancers and artists effectively navigate their personal finances during this especially difficult time, Art World Conference is hosting several webinars and free, interactive online workshops. With these, you can learn different strategies to help you handle the stress of financial burdens and how to handle this extremely unusual tax season. Sign up and learn more about the webinars here. 

Help Is Here, You Just Have to Know Where to Look

Online artists and freelancers are struggling, there’s no doubt about it, but there is help. In addition to these national resources, don’t forget to check local nonprofits and organizations for grant opportunities. Help is out there. And, if you are in a financial position to donate, think about the creative community and those impacted by coronavirus and help contribute to support efforts. This will end, but here’s how to find support while you need it. 

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