Ricoh Announces Launch of RICOH GR III Shipping in March

ricoh gr iii

This week, Ricoh Imaging announced the newest model in their RICOH GR series of compact cameras.

  • RICOH GR III will ship in March 2019 starting at $899.95 USD. You can pre-order from Ricoh, Adorama, and B&H Photo

  • Features a newly designed 18.3mm F2.8 lens starting at $249.95 USD

  • Comes equipped with macro shooting capability, minimum focusing distance of six centimeters

  • Smaller than the GR II, but is equipped with a large APS-C-size CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.24 MP

ricoh gr iii product photo

Photo: Ricoh Imaging

Key Features

Ricoh’s GR III is the most compact camera in the GR series with the most power. A new lens, improved sensor, and image processing engine allow for much higher quality images with more portability.

Newly Developed GR Lens

The new GR lens surpassed quality of all previous lenses with improved design and image shake reduction. “A six-element, four-group optical system is used to achieve images that are sharp from the center to the edge with clear depiction. The optical system is slim and compact so the body can accommodate an in-camera Shake Reduction mechanism.”

ricoh gr iii new lens

Photo: Ricoh Imaging

New Sensor and Image Processing Engine

The new 24.2 M APS-C size image sensor delivers high image quality and ‘an anti-aliasing filterless construction delivers high-definition rendering even in the finest details.’

GR Engine 6 is the latest image processor for the Ricoh GR series and improves the overall processing power along with the responsiveness.

“Faster processing makes a high pixel count image sensor and multi-level gradation in 14-bit RAW possible. This also contributes to improved responsiveness and functionality for autofocus and movie.”

The GR III can capture Full HD (1920×1080, 60p/30p/24p) and has a built-in stereo microphone for audio. Features recording time of up to 25 minutes or 4GB worth of footage.

GR ENGINE 6 new processor for ricoh gr cameras

Photo: Ricoh Imaging

Touchscreen LCD Monitor

The GR III features a 3 inch full color lcd screen with a wide viewing angle. The touchscreen monitor allows for adjustment of  Brightness, Saturation, Blue/Amber, Green/Magenta, Outdoor View Setting, and other key features.

The touchscreen monitor provides quick control over AF frame movement and menu access.

ricoh gr iii touchscreen lcd

Photo: Ricoh Imaging

Autofocus System & Shake Reduction

A new high-speed hybrid AF system delivers fast autofocus and contrast detection combined to make a hybrid AF.

Ricoh says ‘The hybrid system delivers faster autofocus and greater precision. This model uses the sensor-shift type, Shake Reduction mechanism. It delivers compensation on three axes.’

View the rest of the specifications for the Ricoh GR III here.

Pricing & Availability

The GR III will ship in March 2019 and is available from a variety of vendors retailing at $899.95 USD for the camera and $249.95 USD for the new GR lens.

Pre-Order on Ricoh, Adorama, B&H Photo

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