A Quick Guide for Selling with FilterGrade

Selling your digital products doesn’t need to be difficult. We’re here to help you monetize your creative talents so that you can forget about all the nitty-gritty, and focus on creating!

Whether you are selling Lightroom Presets, Video LUTs, After Effects Templates, or anything else, this quick guide to selling your digital products will help you boost your sales and reach a wider audience!

Selling with the FilterGrade Marketplace

Selling your digital products with FilterGrade is simple and a proven way to earn creators money for their talents. Not only will you benefit from the income that you will earn by selling your digital products, but you will also gain recognition and boost your exposure within the industry!

With this quick guide, you will be up and selling on the FilterGrade Marketplace within no time. Let’s get started.

1. Application

Before selling your digital products on the FilterGrade Marketplace, you’ll need to submit an application and get approved to sell first! To submit an application, visit the apply page here.

Apply to Sell - FilterGrade

Be sure to include all information so that our team is able to review your portfolio. This will help for a quick approval.

Here are some tips for submitting your application:

  • Share your best portfolio
    • Personal Website, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Behance, 500px, etc…
  • Include description of product(s) that you would like to sell
    • Type of product, category, niche, etc…

2. Getting Approved

After you’ve submitted your application, the FilterGrade team will review your portfolio within 3-5 business day and ensure that you are a match for the marketplace! While you are awaiting approval, feel free to research our various categories as well as the trends and needs.

Photo Products:

Photo - FilterGrade

Video Products:

Video - FIlterGrade

Motion Products:

Motion - FilterGrade

3. Submitting Your Product(s)

Now that you’ve been approved to sell, it’s time to submit your products and start selling! Regardless of what you are selling, the uploading process will be the same!

To start uploading your first product, log in to your FilterGrade account and find the ‘Vendor’ tab, then select ‘Products’.

Account - FilterGrade

Once you are ready, select ‘Create Product’. You will then be brought to the page shown below to begin uploading your product.

Add Product - FilterGrade

Uploading Your Product (Step-by-Step)

Product Name

First you’ll need to add your Product Name.

We recommend naming your product as follows:

[Your Name + Style of Product + Type of Product]

Product Title - FilterGrade

Our example, “Matthew Smith’s Travel Lightroom Presets” utilizes this formula and does a great job of informing the customer who created the product, what style the product is, and what the type of product is.

Product Description

Next up is the product description. For the description – the more, the merrier. Customers want to know what they are spending their money so DO NOT be vague in your description.

Using our template you can see that we start with a nice bold title that offers some details about the product. Provide a brief intro for your product and add a link to your portfolio when you include your name as well!

Product Description - FilterGrade

The next step for the product description that we prefer to include is a short list of what the product download will include. This is an easy way for consumers to find out what they are getting in a really quick way! Also, be sure to include the number of individual assets that you are including in the download to make it easier for the customer to make their decision.

The last item in the product description that we need to have from you before publishing is a list of software(s) that your product is compatible with.

Another optional item to include as well is a list of individual descriptions for the assets that you are including in your download. This can help paint a picture of your product for your customers while also offering more content, thereby strengthening your search engine optimization.

Product Price

Next, we’ll ask you to set your product’s price. We allow you to choose what you think your product is worth, but if you need any help with pricing feel free to email us any questions or check the marketplace to see what average prices look like.

Running a sale price is not mandatory, but it is a great way to incentivize your customers!

Media Uploader

The next step is to upload your product folder. You will need to add your individual files into a folder and then create a .zip folder by right clicking on your folder and selecting ‘Compress’ in your finder window. Once you have create a .zip folder with your product – drop, paste, or browse for your files into the media uploader.

Product Images

Creating a custom cover image for your product is essential. You want your product to stand out, while also informing your customers of what you are offering. To create your images, we recommend using Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, or Canva for the best results.

If you need some help creating your product imagery feel free to use our FREE Image Editor. (note – template is only compatible with Adobe Photoshop)

We also offer one-on-one help with all of our partners to make sure that you are able to create the best cover image for your product.

Creating preview images for your product is mandatory. Your customers will need to see what you are offering before they even think about making a purchase – make sure you show them your best work!

Product Categories & Tags

The last section you will need to fill out while submitting your new product for review is for the categories and product tags. You will need to select one main category and anywhere from 2-5 sub-categories to help your customers find your product while searching. Selecting too many categories or sub-categories could result in a rejection of your product.


Lastly, add 5-15 product tags to help increase awareness of your product and brand. This will help increase awareness when customers are searching for your products. If they search for one of your keywords or tags, your product will show up as a result!





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For any questions or concerns about selling with FilterGrade, please refer to our FAQ page or contact us here.