Square Launches Photo Studio Service for Online Sellers

Square Photo Studio

Square, known for credit card processing and Cash App, launched a new service for online sellers this week. Square Photo Studio is a low cost photo service built for eCommerce product photography.

  • Automated professional product photos in 14 days

  • Starts at $9.95 for photo packs (3) and $29.95 for interactive photos of an entire product

  • United States only, not available to international customers at this time

How does Square Photo Studio work?

According to David Rusenko, GM of eCommerce at Square, Square Photo Studio aims to ‘make amazing product photography more accessible’ to everyone. He goes on to share (via ProductHunt):

“Maybe you’ve tried to take shots with your phone and noticed how difficult it is to get it to look right, or maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars to buy a DSLR and struggled with white balance — there should be a better way!

Product photos can make or break sales online, and great photography can increase your conversion rate by 30% or more. We worked really hard to get the price down to just $9.95 per product or $29.95 for a 360 spin — this is an order of magnitude less than what you’d pay anywhere else!”

square photo studio

Put simply, Square is trying to automate product photography at a low cost to sellers en masse. The company claims to produce “perfect product photos, every time—fast and for much, much less than hiring an on-site photographer.”

They utilize a cutting-edge robotic camera, that cost $20,000 to build, in order to automate the process of capturing a seller’s product from multiple angles for a 360 degree view. Then, an eCommerce expert from Square will identify the best product shots from the batch to maximize online sales. Within 14 days, you’ll receive info on how to access your product photos from Square.

Terms and Licensing

With the images you purchase from Square Photo Studio you have a ‘perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide copyright license to use the images for any use as long as it does not violate the Terms of Service and the additional Photo Studio terms, according to Square.

Square retains the right to use your images in Square marketing materials and communications. According to their Photo Studio terms, the exact language used is:

“The copyright in Square Photo Studio Content vests in and/or remains the intellectual property of Square, Inc.. No transfer of copyright or ownership rights in any of the Square Photo Studio Content is granted to you.”

square photo studio product shot

Square Photo Studio in action – Square Press Release

Cost and Availability

Square Photo Studio is currently available to customers in the United States only. Square is not offering this service to international customers at this time.

Product photography is priced at $9.95 USD for a three-pack of product photos and at $29.95 for all angles/photos of an entire single product. Square offers free shipping with orders of 20 products or more.

If you’re ordering photos for 30 or more products, you can contact Square at [email protected] to learn about special rates.

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