19 Cool Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Cool street photographers to inspire you on Instagram.

Street photography has long been one of the most popular types of photography. The life and people that fill cities help keep street photography interesting.

I always felt pretty inspired by street photographers. I think it’s their ability to capture emotion and action in an environment. That candid feel to street photography is what really pulls me in.

In this post we found 19 cool street photographers for you to follow on Instagram and keep up with. Their feeds are full of inspiring scenes from cities and urban landscapes around the world. Don’t forget to also follow @filtergrade on Instagram.

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1. Ryan Tacay

Ryan is a street photographer that captures life in and around Toronto, Canada. His photos are quite fun to look through for their variety.


2. Cocu Liu

Cocu is a Product Designer based in Chicago and San Francisco whose feed consists of breathtaking scenes from the two cities.


3. Matthew Wylie

Matthew is a contributing photographer to Tiny Collective and his photos are incredibly intelligent with a retro style.


4. Mike Kepka

Mike is an Emmy Award-Winning photographer who has been involved with photojournalism for more than two decades! His Instagram feed showcases expertly composed glimpses from the streets of San Francisco and Oakland.


5. Zun Lee

Zun was one of PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers to watch in 2014. He has been featured all over the web and captures great visual stories.


6. Hannibal Renberg

Hannibal captures lovely scenes from the streets of Paris, France. His love affair with photography goes back to his early student days shooting with a Minolta SLR and developing rolls of film in his apartment.


7. Anthony Danielle

Anthony has been active on Instagram since its launch in 2010. He captures beautiful photos around New York City using his iPhone.


8. Eric Kim

Eric is a photography teacher currently based in Berkeley, California. His life mission is to create as much “open source photography” as he can during his short time on earth.


9. Michelle Groskopf

Michelle is a street photographer based in Los Angeles. She’s made a practice of shooting the world around her almost daily for the past 20 years.


10 Aaron Berger

Aaron captures brief, but visually interesting, moments of life in New York City.


11. Camilo Fuentealba

Camilo is a street and portrait photographer. He’s is travelling and taking pictures from all around the world.


12. Paola Franqui

Paola is a street photographer in New York City. She likes to take photos from Chinatown. Check out Paola’s Lightroom Presets!


13. Jomayra Texeira

Jomayra is New York based street photographer with a keen eye for interesting scenes and great tones.


14. Jasper Tejano

Jasper is a street photography student. His photos depict beautiful silhouettes with hints of color in the background.


15. Ryan Parrilla

Ryan is an emerging 17 year old photographer from New York. He’s made a name for himself on Instagram with his incredible composition and lighting skills and has already worked with brands like Nike and Canon.


16. Luis Cárdenas

Luis is a street photographer from Mexico with amazing photos of life in South America.


17. Dania Hany

Dania is a street and documentary photographer from Cairo. She shows the beautiful character of Cairo in a way that no other photographer can.


18. Eugene Ivanov

Eugene is a talented street photographer based in Moscow, Russia. His photos capture the life and beauty of Russia.


19. Robert Warhurst

Robert is a photographer and designer from the tri-state area. He captures interesting scenes around New York City and the northeast coast.


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  1. João J. says:

    Cool stuff here, by the way. ;)

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks for the comments João! You have some nice photos. :)

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Arvin, you have a cool style!

  2. Greg says:

    The article would be more effective had the names and Instagram names been presented:

    Paola Franqui; monaris_
    Matthew Wylie; m_mateos
    Jasper Tejano; jaspertejano
    Eugene Ivanov; benerotto

    You’re welcome.

    1. Mike says:

      Nice work, I like your style!

  3. Pradeep sharma says:

    I think you never go through @vineet_vohra ‘s profile on ig.

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