22 Great Summer Fonts for Photographers

A collection of great Summer fonts and graphic elements for photographers, designers, and bloggers.

Summer is coming up and what better way to prepare than stock up on beautiful fonts for your photography and design projects?

In this post we cover some great Summer fonts for photographers, designers, and bloggers alike. These fonts come with a ton of amazing bonuses and graphic elements that are so valuable to your toolkit when creating graphics for your brand.

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1. Hello Sunshine Font Duo

Hello Sunshine Font Duo from Nicky Laatz

Hello Sunshine is a beautiful hand brushed typeface from Nicky Laatz. It includes a duo of fun fonts and a ton of amazing features.  The typeface also includes amazing tutorials, language support, and a whole list of other amazing features. This is one of the best fonts for your Summer photos. It looks great in a variety of scenes and has such a happy feel to it.

2. The Blooming Elegant Font Trio

Blooming Elegant Font Trio from Nicky Laatz

The Blooming Elegant Font Trio is another amazing typeface set from Nicky Laatz. It features three incredible and playful Summer fonts and a ton of amazing hand-doodled illustrations!

3. The Massive Font Bundle by Hustle Supply Co

The Massive Font Bundle by Hustle Supply Co.

This bundle of fonts is really incredible. Hustle Supply Co is a cool shop that features a ton of retro and vintage fonts with the authentic hand-drawn feel to them. This bundle includes 12 of those amazing fonts at an 85% discount. That’s a really good deal. If you enjoy film or film looks with your photography, these are the kinds of fonts that you’ll want to pair with those photos.

4. Seaworthy Typeface & Nautical Pack

Seaworthy typeface and nautical vector pack from Make Media Co!

The Seaworthy Typeface from Callie Hegstrom of MakeMediaCo is one of the coolest Summer fonts around. It perfectly captures that nautical, beach vibe and comes with a bunch of amazing vectors and graphics to compliment the font.

5. Loveletter Script + Vectors

Loveletter Script + Vectors from Calllie Hegstrom of MakeMediaCo.

Loveletter Script is a lovingly handmade script font from MakeMediaCo. The font comes with a bunch of fun extras, glyphs, and tutorials. You need Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, or Inkscape to use this font with the extra glyphs panel though. Either way, it’s a great little script for Summer photos.

6. Madina Script + Extras

Madina Script + Extras from Sam Parrett.

Madina Script + Extras is a fun, yet elegant script by Sam Parrett. It has tons of energy and makes for easy hand-made typography on your work. The script also comes with a bonus ornaments font to add nice details to your designs.

7. The Wild Things Font Duo

Wild Things Font Duo by Victor Barac

The Wild Things Font Duo is a vintage handcrafted font duo that includes a beautiful cursive script and a rounded sans-serif from Victor Barac. It’s got the perfect retro feel to it and pairs nicely with travel photos, nature, and of course Summer photography all around.

8. Lovefern Font + Swashes

Lovefern Font + Swashes from Angie Makes.

Lovefern is a romantic, hand calligraphed font with swashes aplenty from Angie Makes. It’s got a really fun Summer feel to it and looks beautiful in so many settings. If you’re a fan of swashes, this is the font for you. Lovefern comes with 26 swashes and elements to add to your designs and images!

9. Isabella Script

Isabella Script by Seniors.

Isabella Script is a modern calligraphy typeface by Seniors, an indie type designer. This script has a beautiful soft look to it and comes with a few different styles and uses.

10. Enjoy the Ride Typeface

Enjoy the Ride Font Typeface

Enjoy the Ride is an awesome handmade brush script typeface from Ian Barnard of Vintage Design Co. It’s great for logo marks, posters, t-shirt designs or anything that requires that personal touch and it’s got the perfect upbeat Summer feel to it.

11. Authority Font

Authority Font and Typeface by Dustin Lee of RetroSupply Co.

Authority is a new font inspired by the 1970s public type and people of New York. It was created by Dustin Lee of RetroSupply Co. This type speaks loudly and helps get your message across. Great city look for urban and street photographers.

12. RetroSupply Font Pack

The RetroSupply Font Pack

The RetroSupply Font Pack is the complete collection of RetroSupply Co. fonts and typefaces. It’s also hugely discounted. If you’re looking to stock up on retro fonts and authentic lettering, this is one of the best bundles around.

13. Imogen Agnes Font

Imogen Agnes Font by Sam Parrett.

Imogen Agnes is another fun Summer script font from Sam Parrett. It’s got tropical, beach vibes and comes with a bonus set of 15 swashes!

14. Oregon Font

Oregon Font by Mark van Leuwen

Oregon Font is a clean and simple vintage sans serif font, with smooth edges to simulate vintage printing. It was designed by Mark van Leeuwen and look’s great in landscape photography. Perfect for vintage logo designs, headers and small amounts of text.

15. Heartland Font

Heartland Font by Andrey Sharonov

Heartland Font is a handmade, display font designed by Andrey Sharonov. It comes with four typeface variations and stylistic alternatives. This font is great because of it’s extravagant swashes and fun features.

16. The Hipton Font Family

Hipton Display Font by Ilham Herry.

The Hipton is a layered font family by Ilham Herry. It has an incredible retro and vintage feel to it and pairs perfectly with travel photos. It includes extras, exclusive artwork, and examples/ideas for how you can use the font yourself.

17. Burford Pro Pack Font Family

Burford Font Family by Kimmy Design.

Burford Pro Pack is a layer-based type family by Kimmy Design. It features 16 fonts and stylistic alternatives for layering! This is a great retro Summer font for your photography projects.

18. Veryberry Script

Veryberry Script by MyCreativeLand

Veryberry Script is a handwritten font with unique character by Elena Genova of MyCreativeLand. There are more than 750 glyphs in the font including discretionary ligatures, initial and terminal forms for all letters and ligatures, stylistic alternates, ornaments, etc. Overall, Veryberry Script is a versatile font that can be useful for a number of projects you might have.

19. Sant’Elia Script Font Family

Sant'Elia Script Font Family by Yellow Design Studio.

Sant’Elia is a good-natured type family from Yellow Design Studio. It features regular and rough versions in six weights and has various distress levels. This font family pairs so nicely with wedding and engagement photography and design projects.

20. Sailors Typeface

Sailors Typeface by Try&Error Studio.

Sailors is a clean and clear sans serif font by Try&Error Studio. It comes with round and rough variations and works great with ocean and nautical themed photography.

21. Helena Font

Helena Font by Noe Araujo

Helena is a fun, handmade font by Noe Araujo. With it you can give your designs and photos an authentic handcrafted feel. The watercolor effect makes it easy to use in a bunch of different settings.

22. Butterscotch Typeface

Butterscotch Typeface by Nicky Laatz.

Butterscotch is a hand lettered typeface by Nicky Laatz with oodles of extras! This new font features a beautiful, organic script and a sweet bonus pack of graphics and goodies.

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