FREE ‘Denim’ Textures

FREE Denim Textures - FilterGrade

Have you ever seen what raw denim looks like up close? It’s pretty interesting, and when you start brainstorming how you can use it in your creative projects, you’ll really get inspired. There are tons of different pieces of cotton all pilled together and the craziest part is that it will all eventually get made […]

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The Jess Mori Interview

The Jess Mori Interview - FilterGrade

An interview with independent stylist Jess Mori of Toronto, Canada. Read about her career and journey, along with some awesome tips she has for stylists! Related: Why Stylists Are Important 1. Can you please introduce yourself, share some background, links to your social/web, and share more about where you live/work? I’m Jess Mori and I’m a […]

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