The Tylersjourney Interview

the tylersjourney interview - filtergrade

Tyler, otherwise known as ‘Tylersjourney‘ on Instagram, is a Canadian photographer capturing cityscapes and street scenes in Canada an across the world. Tyler specializes in cityscape, time-lapse, and street photography and is known for his dramatic tones and deep, crisp editing style. Meet Tylersjourney Tell us a little bit about your childhood and background. When […]

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The Dave Kennedy Interview

The Dave Kennedy Interview - FilterGrade

Photographer David Kennedy has been working to perfect his craft over the Irish coastline and throughout the world for the past 5+ years and he plans to continue shooting more emotional landscapes and moody nature photos. Originally from Ireland, Dave has always been interested in the way that nature works – how land and water […]

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Free Curves Presets for Photoshop

free curves presets

Last week one of our readers, Pierre, left a comment inquiring about my curves settings in this tutorial. He brought up a great point: curves are tricky. Getting the right look within curves takes a lot of practice and quite a bit of patience. Because of this, I decided to make a little set of free […]

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