How to Get a Film Look in After Effects

Hey everyone, this is Mason from FilterGrade. Today we’re using After Effects to turn modern footage into Super 8 style footage and VHS style footage. These two vintage styles look great and can be accomplished pretty easily with the features in After Effects. Today we’ll be using color grading, pre-compositions, creating chromatic aberration, and adding […]

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20 This/That IG Templates

20 This That Instagram Templates - FilterGrade

This or That Instagram posts have been the new way users are getting followers to engage more. These clever and creative story strategies help Instagramers get to know their audience and have some fun while doing so. Creating these stories, however, can take more time and effort. Trying to get the right layout and fit […]

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How to Create Lightroom Presets


Adobe Lightroom is the modern day darkroom. Photographers everywhere now use Adobe Lightroom to make their photos into their photos by transforming raw images into colorful masterpieces. One way to always draw back on your old color tones and photo edits is to create Lightroom Presets. Lightroom Presets are essentially photo filters that you can […]

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