The August Reinhardt Interview

The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

Reading how other people got their start and what inspires them can be a great way to learn and grow in your own work. Hear about August Reinhardt‘s journey in this interview. Read more interviews on FilterGrade.

1 The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

What made you pick up a camera for the first time?

There are a few reasons why I first picked up a camera, but one of the reasons is because of my older brother Cole and his friend who would constantly make short films. Since I was always around them I instantly became inspired to try it myself. Shortly after, I purchased my own film camera and would document everything. He taught me the basics and I’ve continued to learn my craft since.

What did you shoot when you first began taking photos?

Literally everything! Also, I was very interested in portraiture as I would try to capture a feeling/ mood from the person I was shooting. Each person has their own unique look and story and I would try to tell that through a photograph. But on the real note, I literally would shoot everything and learn from it all.

2 The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

What kind of photography equipment did you use when you first started?

I used my brothers Canon Rebel T2i with the nifty fifty AKA 50mm 1.8.

How has your equipment changed since your first started and what impact do you think equipment (camera, lens, etc…) has on a photographer? 

My equipment has changed and I’ve upgraded a lot since then. I now shoot with a Canon 1DX mark ii with a 24-70 L series V ii 2.8. Personally, I do think equipment matters but, at the end of the day you still got to have that eye and be different from everyone else. Think about it this way, if a professional baseball player didn’t have a good bat then the ball wouldn’t travel as far of a distance compared to a nice, solid new bat. Yes obviously he’d still hit extremely far, but you get the point. Use whatever camera you have and keep shooting! At the end of the day, hard work beats talent, but if you apply both of those traits you’ll be unstoppable.

9 The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

Where do you find inspiration for your shoots?

EVERYWHERE. Just look around you. The whole world is inspiring.

What kinds of Music do you Listen to if You Need Inspiration for a Shoot?

Typically I’ll listen to alternative style music to get my creative juices flowing. I actually create a playlist for this and that I edit to. Sometimes I’ll play some Post Malone haha.

What is it about lifestyle  photography that you enjoy so much?

I think why I highly enjoy lifestyle photography is because It’s so natural and not forced. It’s all in the moment and more fun. I still love all photography though. (: 

7 The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

What is your process like after a photoshoot? 

Normally after a shoot, I’ll either go home or to a coffee spot and start editing! Throw on my beats headphones and play some jams. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit with my presets! I’ll pick a few favorites at first and start editing and playing around with color etc. Then, find some I really like and start going to work.

3 The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

If you go take a portrait of any person in the world, who would it be?

Angelina Jolie

10 The August Reinhardt Interview - FilterGrade

With August’s interviewed we learned a lot about becoming a photographer and staying true to yourself; we hope you did too! To learn more about your favorite photographers and their experiences, feel free to check out:


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  1. Lia says:

    This actually helped so much cause I have always been into photography and wanted to know what kind of camera August started with.

    1. Mike says:

      So glad this interview helped Lia! Thanks for the kind comment. :)

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