The BEST Ring Lights for Streamers and YouTubers

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Lighting sets the mood for your video and the right lighting will make you look good in any setting. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on professional lighting kits. Ring lights are easy to use, set up, and give you a professional-looking shot. Ring lights give off a shadowless even distribution of light with the camera centered in the empty space of the light or just behind it. They have become one of the most popular lights for vloggers, influencers, live streamers, and YouTubers for good reason. Whether you are looking for an affordable way to take your videos to the next level or want to create better eye-catching content you’ll want to consider one of the following best ring lights for streamers and YouTubers. 

8 Ring Light for Streamers and YouTubers

1. Yongnuo YN608RGB RGB SMD LED Video Light

This ring light is unique because of the lights used in the design. This light features a combination of RGB SMD lamp beads and LED lamp bead in a large ring. The bead lighting ensures that the color captured on video is rich and natural while also producing the appealing catchlight effect of the eyes. You also have the ability to control the brightness via a special remote control so you can adapt to change lighting situations quickly. It also offers two power supply sources, battery, and DC power, so you can use it from anywhere. This Yongnuo light is specifically beneficial for beauty experts and live streamers because it provides a soft full-fill light that is uniform and versatile.

2. Godox LR120 12″ Bi-Color LED Ring-Light

The Grodox LR120 ring light is an affordable light that gives professional results. The color temperature can be adjusted to match most settings. You will find a smartphone holder that is flexible and provides more versatility. Its standard mounting system is compatible with most tabletop light stands or high standing light mounts. Unfortunately, you will need to purchase these separately. Learn more about this ring light here

3. NanLite Halo 14 Dimmable Adjustable Bi-Color 14″ LED Ring Light

The NanLit Halo 14 is a great companion for vloggers, streamers, and all types of video content creators. This light provides a near-shadowless effect with the ability to control brightness and color temperature. The 14-inch diameter ring is light-weight and easy to use in any size space. It has a standard mounting system that fits on most light stands. There is a smartphone bracket to place the phone centered in the light. This light uses only DC power and has no battery capabilities, it is best used indoors.

 4. Smith-Victor 17″ Bi-Color LED Ring Light

This ring light offers a little more range in color temperature and control. Easily adjust the temperature for tungsten, daylight, and 4250K for accurate lighting designed for any setting. The Smith-Victor design features a reflector for even distribution of light that is soft and flattering. You will also find the remote control included gives you complete control over brightness and color temperature when you need it. This light uses Li-ION batteries or DC power so you can take this light to any location. 

5. Studio Essentials Bi-Color LED Ring Light

With a diameter of 19 inches, this light produces a flattering wide-reaching light that is suitable for all your video needs. It has a diffusion filter that allows the light to perfectly wrap around the subject matter for even luminous lighting. This ring has a Bi-color feature to adjust the color temperature to compliment the light source in the room. It runs on  DC power or you can buy Sony NP batteries to run on. This light is also ideal for still shots so you will get even more use out of it and expand your creative visions. Learn more about it here.

6. CLAR 10″ LED Selfie Ring Light Kit

If you are on a tight budget this ring light is one you will want to consider. This 10-inch LED light offers a flattering distribution of light with control over brightness and temperature via Bluetooth remote. This light comes with an adjustable stand and ball head mounting system that lets you tilt and position the light where you need it. It also features a phone holder that is also adjustable, so you can place your phone in the perfect position on the light for the best lighting. If you can’t afford to invest in another ring light right now or just want a reliable backup light this one will provide you with the same professional look without the high price tag. Grab one here. 

7. Fotodiox Selfie Starlite Prizmo Edition Vlog 18″ RGB Dimmable LED Ring Light

This light is more versatile than most other lights on our list in several ways. This light doesn’t just hold your smartphone for video creation, it holds your on-the-go video camera as well. It is has a large 18-inch ring light that is powerful and versatile. You not only have control over the brightness and color temperature but the saturation and other adjustments as well. Use the remote to quickly change the settings. While most ring lights cater to just solo shots this light can handle shots that involve more than one person allowing you to get even more creative with the content you produce. This is one ring light kit you will want to invest, to get noticed and look more professional. Learn more about everything that comes with this kit here

8. Vivitar Go Live with the Vlogger Series 8″ Streaming Essentials LED Ring Light

For those who go live frequently and for vloggers who want to have perfect lighting when they are speaking to their viewers this is an affordable light that packs a powerful punch. This 8-inch diameter light offers three color modes, warm, soft, and white light. It also has ten levels of brightness you can adjust. Though it is simple in design it still produces an even soft light that is ideal for video creation. You get a miniature tripod to mount the light too, a phone holder, and a flexible ball head. Easily take this light anywhere you need it to go and capture stunning content in any setting. Get this affordable ring light here

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