The BEST Video Editing Tools for Music Videos

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Who doesn’t love a good music video? Whether it’s an exciting visual for a hype song that you love, or an emotional video of a sad song that helps you get through it all – music videos are great for bringing an artist’s ideas to life through visual media.

Music videos tend to allow for more creative freedom during production, and also in the editing process. Having clean, unique edits can help tell the story in a new way that no one has seen or though of before, but creating these edits and visual elements doesn’t need to be hard. There are plenty of tools, templates, and other suggestions that can help make the process easier. To help streamline the process of editing your music videos from start to finish, we’ve compiled a list of the best video editing tools for music videos.

The BEST Video Editing Tools for Music Videos

1. The Analog Filmmakers Bundle

This is the ultimate pack for film editors whether you specialize in music videos or promotional projects. This bundle includes eight editing packs – all perfect for music videos! Each pack includes specially designed transitions, effects, overlays, and much more. Easily take your mediocre music video to show-stopping levels! This bundle is everything you need to create professional videos from beginning to end. Learn all the details and get this bundle here

2. Choir Mosaic Music Video

Looking for an easy and customizable way to showcase the artist in your music video? This template provides a mosaic pattern where you can add in multiple singers and musicians. Get creative with showcasing talent in a new refreshing way. Get this music video template here

3. Hip-Hop Promo Template for Adobe Premiere Pro

4. The Letter Cut-Outs Bundle

This letter cut-outs bundle has over 300+ cut outs of letters, numbers, and symbols. These cut-outs were created for music videos and other design projects, but the opportunities are endless!

In the bundle, you’ll receive tons of assets, including still .png files for design projects, and also animated .mov files for video projects to make it even easier to use!

5. Blockbuster Color Presets

Blockbuster Color Presets (Premiere Pro)

This premiere pro bundle is what you need to bring the colors of your next music video to life. You will find 30 presets for both day and evening settings. Transform your dull and flat shots to warm robust scenes. Upgrade your moody shots to dramatic detailed environments. These presets are easy to use with simple drag and drop files. Turn your music video into Hollywood worthy premiers with this bundle here

6. Music Video Production Kit

This kit has everything you need to take your music video to a new professional level. It offers multiple script templates so you can clearly visualize and design each shot for your next music video. It also provides shot lists and storyboard templates so you can ensure you get each shot perfect. See everything here.  

7. Dynamic Hip-Hop Opener for Adobe After Effects

This opener is made for advertising videos and promotional content, but could work really well for music videos too! With smooth animations and fresh transitions, you can share your story in a whole new light. Get the Hip-Hop opener here.

8. Rocket Rooster Analog Cinema LUTs Bundle

LUTs make it easier than ever to edit your digital footage. This bundle, however, transforms your digital files into timeless works of art. You will notice richer colors, heightened depth of field, and perfect tones. Your music video will seem flawless! See everything that is included in this LUTs bundle here and get started enhancing your videos today.

9. Rocket Rooster Final Cut Pro Mega Bundle

If you are a final cut pro editor then this is the editing bundle you want in your toolset. This mega pack includes title effects, glitch effects, color grading, split-screen effects, and much more. You will find easy to use files along with help files and additional instruction and tips to help you master each editing effect. Get this final cut pro bundle here.

10. Cinematic Sony LUTs

If you shoot your music videos on a Sony this is the bundle pack you will want to invest in.  These LUTS were designed to enhance the colors, tones, boost contrast, and seamlessly convert your videos to stunning cinematic displays. Any of these LUTs will breathe life into your footage and add the right energy to match the musical mode. See what a difference this bundle can make and download the bundle here.

11. Video Essentials Bundle

You’ll find everything you need to create a professional and artistic music video from beginning to end with this mega bundle. There are over 200 elements to get your creative juices flowing. Use the text layers to capture your audience’s attention. Add in transitions, glitches, and other effects to heighten the message and mood of your video. Each template is customizable so you get the perfect look. This is one bundle you will want in your editor’s toolkit. You can get it here.

12. Music Video Template Pack

After you have your music video completed you want an easy and effective way to promote, right? This pack includes all you need to transform your music videos into promotional content to use on Instagram and other social media channels. You will find specially designed templates for IG posts, stories, custom music video frames, and more. These templates will reduce the time spent on recreating your music videos to share on social media. Add them to your library by downloading them here.  

13. JK’s Hollywood Look & Cinematic Aerial Drone LUTs

Drones are becoming a more widely used way to shoot overhead and unique shots for all types of videos, especially music videos. If you have used a drone to capture some stunning shots you know that editing this footage can take extra time and effort. This LUTs pack helps streamline the process. Specially designed for Drone aerial shots they will transform your landscape and city scenes instantly. Get started with this bundle here

14. CMK Pro Media LUTs

This LUTs bundle makes it easy to perfectly edit any of your music video footage no matter what setting you shoot in. You will also find an assortment of presets to help enhance and living up your footage in no time at all. This combo pack is a selection of the best editing tools you can find for music video creators. See everything included in this pack here

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