The Daniel Wendt Interview

The Daniel Wendt Interview - FilterGrade

Lifestyle and portrait photographer, Daniel Wendt, also known as is a 16 year old photographer based out of Northern Germany. Shooting lifestyle and portrait photos has become his style and he continues to improve as he breaks into the depths of photography.

Continue reading to learn how Daniel got started at such a young age and how he is able to do what he does!

When/How did you get into photography?

I got into photography when I was 13 years old. That’s when I bought my first DSLR Camera. I had no idea how to take photos, but I was very impressed with the awesome quality of the camera. I was very motivated to learn about the settings and photo styles and still am. I never visited a photography school or anything like that either. These  days you can learn anything about photography on the internet so I try to keep improving all the time!

The Faded Photo Interview - FilterGrade Blog

Who/What are some of your big inspirations?

Well, that’s a good question! To be honest I couldn’t tell by which persons I get inspired by because I’ve discovered so many awesome and talented photographers lately. Also, I get inspired by many other things, for example nature, music, people…

The Faded Photo Interview - FilterGrade Blog

How did you create such a unique editing style at such a young age?

Since I started photography I was really interested in editing photos. First I started with simple apps, later I got myself Photoshop and then Lightroom. Now I manly use Lightroom to create tones and styles, Photoshop for retouching and photography apps to make the photo perfect for Instagram.

The Faded Photo Interview - FilterGrade Blog

Are you influenced by your surrounding (Germany) or by certain people or trends around you?

Of course I am! I take most of my photos in the area where I live so I’m really influenced by it.  When I started photography I got influenced by other photographers, but then I started to develop my own photography and editing style. It’s important to learn from others but always try to be the best version of yourself!

The Faded Photo Interview - FilterGrade Blog

What is your editing process like after a shoot?

After a photo shoot I wait some days until I start with editing. I made the experience that if you edit the photos direct after the shoot you choose them differently. You can choose your photos more objective if you forget about the vibes you had in the shoot. When it comes to an editing session I first select the photos I love, add a preset of mine and then I make some little corrections. Sometimes I like to retouch in Photoshop too, it just depends on the photo.

The Faded Photo Interview - FilterGrade Blog

Do your prefer Lightroom, Photoshop, or another editing software?

I prefer Lightroom for editing because you can play around with curves, colors and tones so easily! And of course you can create awesome looking presets! You can save so much time with it. For a photo I want to edit harder I use Photoshop because you can change so many things like the background, add anything to your photo, or simply retouch a model.

 The Faded Photo Interview - FilterGrade Blog

What are some of your photography goals for 2017?

My goal in 2017 is to improve more and more, meet new people and photographers, work together with amazing brands, travel a lot and produce new creative stuff.

The Daniel Wendt Interview - FilterGrade Blog

To learn more about Daniel and to stay updated on his new photos, make sure you follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!

Also, if you are interested in learning how to edit your photos like Daniel, be sure to check out his custom Lightroom Presets :) and this really helpful editing tutorial made by Daniel himself!

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