The Dave Kennedy Interview

The Dave Kennedy Interview - FilterGrade

Photographer David Kennedy has been working to perfect his craft over the Irish coastline and throughout the world for the past 5+ years and he plans to continue shooting more emotional landscapes and moody nature photos.

Originally from Ireland, Dave has always been interested in the way that nature works – how land and water can coexist in such peace or in deep, threatening disagreement. Without further ado, let’s dive into the Dave Kennedy interview to learn more about his background and camera gear!

What made you start shooting? Around what time was it?

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I began shooting video during my school days when I was 16 with high hopes of being the next YouTube sensation but that didn’t last very long. I didn’t start taking photographs until I went to university almost 4 years ago. I don’t really like to look back on those photos as I wasn’t very good, but you have to start somewhere!

What and/or who were some of your inspirations when you first began shooting?

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I was mainly inspired by the area around where I was living during university. The north coast of Ireland is beautiful and I just began to shoot randomly without any thought of composition or time of day.

Have your influences and inspirations changed since then?

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I decided to continue living in the north coast of Ireland after I graduated so my main inspiration is still the natural beauty around me. I admire the work of Chris Burkard, Alex Strohl, and Jordan Hammond. I love how they blend landscape photography with lifestyle photography.

What kind of photography equipment did you use when you first started?

I was gifted a Nikon D5100 with a kit lens for Christmas years ago. I learnt the basics of operating a camera on it but soon I found myself needing to upgrade in order to progress any further.

How has your equipment changed since your first started and what impact do you think equipment (camera, lens, etc…) has on a photographer?

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I now shoot on a Sony a7s with a 16-35mm f4 lens. I’m currently looking to upgrade to one of Sony’s new camera bodies. I’ve had my a7s for the past 3 years and it’s falling apart. I’ve shot with it pretty much every day since I bought it. I know how to squeeze the best of this camera in photo and video but I’m now at the point where I want a better image and focusing. I think everyone should be patient and start small. Instead of looking to have the best equipment straight away, maybe take the time to learn your craft on something that limits you. Expensive gear can help with image quality but it definitely doesn’t help you with composition or creativity. A good camera won’t make you a good photographer if you don’t know how to use it.

What is it landscape photography that you love so much?

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I love being able to capture where I am and share it with other people. I hope that it inspires someone to visit that place or simply just start exploring the areas around them.

What are some things you always make sure to do before going for a photoshoot in the mountains?

I think you’re asking the most unprepared person in the world. I always forget to format my SD card and I always wear the wrong kind of shoes!

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A good camera won’t make you a good photographer if you don’t know how to use it.     – Dave Kennedy

Where are some of your favorite spots to shoot in Ireland?

Fairhead, Whiterocks and Slieve League are a few. I’m always up for exploring new places as well as exploring familiar ones and trying to find new perspectives.

What is your editing workflow like after a photoshoot? 

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I usually come home and put my favorite ones into Lightroom. I can usually already tell which ones I’m going to use when I’m out shooting.  I use my presets as a starting point. I always adjust them as every photo is different. I have a few main colours and tones that I keep in all of my images in order for my instagram feed to look like one body of work.

Where do you hope to travel in the next few years?

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I’m visiting Barcelona, Kenya and Italy this summer. I’m hoping to make the journey over to USA soon. I would love to see Japan and China too so they are all on my list of places to visit.

Dave’s work has never ceased to inspire us and we are always going back to his dreamy sunsets and incredible landscapes. For more on Dave and his work, be sure to follow him on Instagram and also check out more of his gear here!

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