The Elliot Cooper Interview

Wales-based photographer Elliot Cooper is a young, travel and adventure inspiration. Elliot has shot various campaigns for companies as well as taken many adventurous trips all over Europe to capture the beauty in the nature that surrounds him.

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How did you get into photography?

I first got into Photography just over a year ago. Years before that however, I was always taking shots on my iPhone, constantly looking for rad compositions/scenes to shoot.  I loved capturing moments and chasing that perfect shot! I never took them too seriously but realized I was kinda on to something here! I’d always followed adventure photographers and accounts featuring cool locations on my Instagram. I guess after seeing all of that inspirational content daily I decided I wanted to be a Photographer! I had no grand plan and realized I absolutely loved being outdoors amongst nature, it was a no brainer to follow that form of photography! I then bought my first camera body (which I still have) and a couple of lens’, and literally headed for the mountains.

Where are some of your favorite places to explore?

I live in South Wales, UK. So we have some insane landscapes/adventures all over the place here. I live a 45 minute drive from the Brecon Beacons National Park, so I love heading up there whenever I can. There’s limitless possibilities when you’re there! With waterfalls, lakes & mountains all on your doorstep. The best place I’ve explored yet has to be the Highlands of Scotland however, I think anyone who’s been there would understand why, It has unique and incomparable natural beauty.

(Photo from Brecon Beacons National Park)

Who are some of your inspirations?

I take a lot of my inspiration from fellow photographers. Instead a naming just one or two inspirations I’ll let you know a few of my absolute favorite photographers! Someone who’s work I’ll always turn to for motivation/inspiration is Finn Beales, his work is out of this world. No matter what he shoots you know it’s his work just from a glance, one of the most unique photographers around. Go check him out!

I love Alex Strohl‘s work also, I’d love to have the drive this guy has. He never seems to stop! He tirelessly creates sublime images, I find I can escape into his work whenever I need a kick.

Andrew Kearns was one of the first photographers I started following and since day one I’ve loved his style/attitude. He has a rad work ethic and is a constant source of inspiration to me, especially through his gnarly vlogs! Check out Andrew’s interview on FilterGrade as well to learn more on him and his photography.

There’s so many so I’m going to try and keep it to a minimum but lastly, Tim Clark. He creates stunning scenes and really inspires me with the kind of tones I search for. He again has a unique style and endlessly portrays great stories through his images.

What do you do to stay unique as a photographer?

It’s incredibly difficult to find a small pocket to sit in in the photography world. It’s difficult to stay unique a lot of the time! I don’t feel I do anything that different compared to others, I just do my absolute upmost to create images that I love, images that I can look towards and be right back there in my mind. Another thing is to find different perspectives (especially of popular shots), it can be challenging but more often that not, pays off.

What’s your favorite type of lens to shoot landscape photography with?

Without a doubt it’s the Canon 24-70 f2.8 ii, I got this lens a few months back and it quite literally hasn’t left my camera. It’s flawless!

What is a tip for editing photos for a beginner editor?

I’d say to find a style/photographer that you like and see what they do then work from there. I used to look towards my inspirations for advice and examples! More importantly just tweak aspects of your image, until you’ll have a lightbulb moment and get what you’re after. YouTube tutorials and preset packs are a fantastic way to get a kickstart into the editing world. (Check out Elliot’s preset pack here!).

Describe your editing process.

My editing process can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I mostly start by placing one of my presets on the image, adjust exposure and temperature and head straight for the tone curve. I’ll pull the tone curve into whatever fits the image then move back to editing the whites/blacks/shadows. I’ll then start to play with the HSL and split toning until I’m happy with the final image. My biggest problem is knowing when to stop tweaking!

What are some of your goals to check off before the end of the year?

I don’t have too many goals left before the end of this year! I’m shooting some campaigns for a local company here that involve adventuring so I’d like to produce some rad content for that. I’ve also bought a drone so I’d like to master that and utilize it’s capabilities! Aside from that just have a great Christmas surrounded by family.

What is one piece of advice you could give to a fellow photographer?

The biggest piece of advice I have is simple. Have fun with what you do and never take yourself too seriously!

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