The Remy Brand Interview

Remy Brand is an adventurous landscape photographer living life on the edge. Traveling all over the world for his photography, Remy is able to capture unreal photographs of nature and its scenery.

Continue reading to learn about Remy’s travels as a photographer as well as how he captures the perfect moments.

What is one pointer for a beginner landscape photographer?

The internet is a giant database for inspiration, find a photographer who’s work inspires you and go out to shoot something similar but in your own style. Whether it’s experimenting with long exposures or trying different compositions, you will learn so quickly what works, what doesn’t work and what you can do better next time.


At what times do you take most of your photos?

Post sunset at magic hour. This is when the light is super soft and the landscape is drenched in beautiful pastel colors.


Where are some of your favorite places to shoot?

I seem to gravitate towards the cold for some reason. Some of my favorite places to shoot have been New Zealand’s South Island and Central Europe. I will be exploring Finland and Iceland very soon too!


Describe your editing process.

I import and catalogue my images systematically in Adobe Lightroom. 90% of my workflow revolves around Lightroom, the other 10% is in Photoshop for more technical adjustments. (For more on Remy’s editing, check out his Lightroom Presets that are available on the marketplace!)


What is one key to making sure the lighting is perfect in your photos?

Photography college for me was a bit of a waste of time, but there was one assignment that did actually resonate with me and still helps me with my landscape photography to this day. It involved taking a subject (object or person) and shooting them 4 ways: Front lit, side lit, back lit and top lit. There is no ‘correct’ lighting for landscape photography but doing this assignment helped me understand how lighting affects each image differently. I personally, love shooting backlit landscapes (shooting into the sun) it can create a lot interesting flares and colors. That said, I love darker, moodier tones in my landscapes. Just depends what you are trying to convey!


What does Remy Brand stand for?

I’m a big advocate for getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to things that terrify you. This year I had some pretty monumental changes in my life and due to them I realized just how safely I was living. I have conquered so many fears since then and I feel quite liberated as a result…

“This is what I stand for – embracing your fears.”


What are some of your goals for the end of 2017?

Travel is always a big goal of mine, so a combination of meeting inspiring people and traveling the world building my photography profile would make me very happy.


Where would you like to travel in the future?

Ireland, Scotland, China and Canada are on my radar!


As an explorer and a constant traveler, Remy hopes to see the world and bring his camera along with him to capture beautiful moments. Continue following Remy Brand and his incredible photography on Instagram, Facebook, and his personal website for more beautiful scenery!

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