The Summer Photo Editing Guide

The Summer Photo Editing Guide from FilterGrade!

Summer is one of the best seasons for photography. Chances are you’ll have a lot of outdoor photos to play with, making it a great time to experiment with editing as well. This is our Summer Photo Editing Guide with freebies, tutorials, and other resources to help you out!

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This section features some of our most popular tutorials catered towards Summer looks and styles. Follow along and bookmark these for future reference!

How to Create a Pastel Photo Effect in Photoshop.How to Create a Natural Pastel Photo Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will walk you through creating your very own pastel photo effect in Photoshop. Best part? It only takes a few minutes!



How to Use Light Leaks in Your PhotographyHow to Use Light Leaks in Your Photography

A quick look into how we personally use light leaks in our photography work. From editing and adjusting photos, to getting the perfect look, we go through everything.



Free Resources

Here you’ll find all the best freebies to use when editing your photos. Great for testing out certain Summer effects or experimenting on your existing photos.

The Mini Collection – Free Photoshop ActionsFree Photoshop Actions Mini Collection from FilterGrade

A sweet little pack we made to give everyone a free sample of our products. It has some amazing retro Photoshop actions, a kit of light leaks, and some vintage Photoshop brushes. The best freebie for your Summer photo editing.


Free Film Photoshop Actions Packfree film photoshop actions

Film lovers rejoice, this little pack includes four free film Photoshop actions! Add beautiful analog styles to your photos with this free set.



Below are a few previews showing the before and after look at the effects. Try them yourself and find more in our Freebies section.

free photoshop actions 1

free photoshop actions 2


Pro Tools

Find all the full sets of Photoshop actions here. We highlight our best effects for Summer along with some useful reviews and guides.

film photoshop actionsFilmStock Analog Photoshop Actions

Our set dedicated to emulating film and analog photography. Realistic film burns, leaks, and flares included to help you create the perfect retro Summer photo!



FilmTone Photoshop Actions and FiltersFilmTone Natural Photoshop Actions

The best natural film looks for your Summer and outdoor photos. Includes 25 high quality pastels, tones, and Summer Photoshop actions.



Light-Leaks-Series-IILight Leaks Series II

For the photos where you just need a slight adjustments, light leaks usually come in handy. This set includes 20 beautiful light leaks and sun flares that are easy to add and customize on your photos.



If you want a more in-depth look at one of our products, look through this one of our Photoshop Actions Bundle. In the full review you’ll find: exclusive previews from individual actions, specs and features, and some other useful tips for using the actions on your photos.

Photoshop Actions Bundle


Need some fresh ideas? Look at the inspirational posts we found for Summer. They might just have the photo you need to inspire you today!

Vintage Photography InspirationVintage Photography Inspiration 1

An inspiring collection of vintage photos showcasing the expert work of photographers who utilized film or analog cameras to capture their images.



50+ Inspiring Photos with Light Leaks50+ Inspiring Photos with Light Leaks

More than 50 photos we found inspiring that have light leaks and solar flares in them.



Also see our longer post featuring the best sites for photography inspiration. These are great for checking up on every few weeks to see what is new in the photography world.

Top 10 Best Photography Websites for Inspiration.

What tutorials, freebies, and helpful resources do you want to see next? Leave a comment and let us know.

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      Thanks for the kind words Alexia! Touch Clipping look’s pretty cool as well, great recommendation.

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