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Theo Ox is an inspirational young photographer based out of Bordeaux, France shooting primarily portraits, nature photos, and lifestyle imagery. His unique style and interesting perspective has caught the attention of other photographers so we thought we would ask Theo a few questions to see how he got started taking photos and how to continuously grow.

Continue reading below to learn more about the 19 year old French photographer, Theo Ox.

When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos on an iPod about 4 years ago. Then my father gave me his old camera that I used for a year. But I’ve upgraded to a DSLR camera a little bit more than a year ago.

What made you start taking photos?

Keeping memories forever, catching that special moment/emotion of where you are and what you are shooting. That’s why I started. Photography is such a powerful language. That’s how I tell my stories. And I’m always happy to look at a picture and remember everything about it – the atmosphere, colors, place and other feelings while shooting it.

Have you had any mentors or people that inspire you and your work?

Ryan Millier, Jamal Burger, Brighton Galvan, Ryan William Craven and Henry Hwu  are definitely my biggest inspirations and role models when it comes to photography. But what inspires me is also the people I’ve had the chance to meet and shoot with, the few people I follow on the gram who are creating amazing content, and mainly music and movies.

What is one of your favorite memories that you gained during a photo adventure?

Surely the first concert I’ve ever photographed. It was Logic last August (2016), in London, UK. I’ll never forget this moment. Shooting my first ever concert, abroad, with five thousand people behind me in the pit and my favorite artist on stage. Something unreal. I’m proud to be able to say that this was the first concert I photographed, because usually you don’t start at such a high level.

What are some of your favorite regions or locations in France to shoot?

My city Bordeaux, and my second home Le Cap-Ferret located next to the Atlantic ocean. Landscapes there are gorgeous. But also Paris. I love going on the roofs of the capital, shooting in the streets for the architecture. I’ve met some good friends who live there thanks to photography.

Take us through your editing workflow. Where do you start after a photoshoot?

It depends of where I am. It could be anywhere, at home, in a café, at a friend’s crib… Wherever I end up after the shooting session. But editing at home, late at night with that good music is definitely the best. Then I just upload my pictures on my laptop, put my headphones on, and the grind begins.

What editing programs do you use to edit your photos?

Lightroom 5, on a MacBook Air.

In general, do you edit your favorite photos first, or do you edit your photos picture-by-picture until you are finished up?

My favorite ones for sure! I go through all of the pictures and make a selection, then I start the editing process.

Any wisdom you’d like to share for beginner photographers?

Go out, meet other photographers/creatives and shoot. That’s how you’ll find your style and shape your vision. Here are words from Jamal Burger that I have in mind and which are pretty meaningful: “think about what you like, think about what you enjoy, and showcase that”.

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We hope that you enjoyed learning from Theo as much as we did. For more on Theo, check out his Instagram account and also take a look at his presets! :)

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