Tips for Taking Photographs While Wearing Eyeglasses

For many photographers, being able to translate what you see into beautiful pictures is a crucial factor for creating great outcomes. As such, ocular issues like visual impairment can be a significant hindrance to being able to photograph seamlessly. Thankfully, investing in a pair of eyeglasses has been shown to safely treat over 160 million cases of visual impairment and blindness worldwide. Despite the significant numbers, more than 16 million people in the US are expected to have visual impairment and blindness due to uncorrected refractive error by 2050.

For photographers, however, wearing eyeglasses can prevent them from photographing well, even if they are necessary to see properly. In a previous post, we shared some photography tips for photographing sunglasses as a product. This is crucial for marketing and branding small and big businesses. Of course, this is different compared to wearing glasses while taking photos. 

Eyeglasses are important for photographers to see clearly and frame their images accordingly. Below, we’ll be sharing some tips for taking photographs while wearing eyeglasses without compromising outcome quality:

Wear thin glasses

Nowadays, eyeglasses come in various shapes, forms, and designs. For photographers, it’s common to get close to the camera’s body to look through the viewfinder. As such, wearing thick and chunky frames can get in the way of your photography. 

Fortunately, various eyeglasses with thin-wired frames or even translucent ones won’t obstruct your field of view. Brands like Ray-Ban, for example, have the brand’s iconic horn-rimmed silhouette in the RB6375. The thin frames will ensure your glasses don’t clash when looking through your camera’s viewfinder. Ray-Ban also offers translucent high-quality acetate colorways for models like the RB5421 if you’re looking for more playful frames, which can help provide a wider field of view when planning your shots.

Avoid scratching your lenses

Another element that can interfere with your shots as a photographer is scratches on your lens. Unfortunately, for photographers who wear glasses, the problem worsens as you can get scratches on both your camera lens and your glasses. 

For most modern eyewear, both eyeglasses and sunglasses are difficult to fix once the lenses have been scratched. As such, taking good care of your lenses—both for your camera and your eyewear—can help ensure your sight isn’t disrupted by random scratches and debris on your lenses. Experts recommend being wary about where you store your glasses and only using a microfibre cloth to wipe and clean your lenses, as other surfaces can be rough and contain abrasive fibers that can cause scratches.

Avoid tinted lenses

Finally, you mustn’t overinvest in colorful and tinted lenses, as these may impact color accuracy and perception when snapping photographs. While having some tint can be helpful for sun protection during hot outdoor shoots, too much tint can significantly distort your view.

While this may seem trivial, it can heavily mess with your camera settings, especially modern cameras, where you can set color and white balances to enhance specific hues and shades. Of course, you can always edit your photographs post shoots, but being able to see and capture colors as they appear to you in real life is crucial to ensure quality photographs, whether the yellows and oranges in a sunset photograph or the colorful tints of neon lights in nighttime.

While wearing glasses can be detrimental to your photography sessions, it doesn’t mean you should compromise your image quality or photographing sessions. Choosing the right frames and taking good care of your lenses can go a long way in maintaining the quality of your pictures.

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