Tips for Using Overlays in Photoshop

Tips for Using Overlays in Adobe Photoshop - FilterGrade

Many moons ago, if a photographer wanted to add an interesting effect to a photo, they would have to overexpose the image or scratch up the negatives. However, in today’s world, creating unique images with interesting effects is as simple as adding a Photoshop overlay.

A Photoshop overlay is a quick and easy way to add something to the image that wasn’t present when the photo was taken. All you need to do is insert a layer and upload the desired overlay. From interesting textures to cool lighting effects, overlays are the simplest way to make your photo stand out.

Light Overlays

One of the most popular types of light overlays are those that create a bokeh effect. A bokeh effect is created when lights in the background or foreground are blurred out to create soft circles of colors. It can be quite difficult to summon this effect naturally, as any seasoned pro will tell you. So, if you want your photo to have an ethereal or dreamlike quality to it, a bokeh overlay is the easiest way to achieve that.

This pack of bokeh overlays contains a range of colors and sizes to add a soft light and heavenly colors to your images. Pro tip: adjust the opacity of the layer your overlay is on for different variants of the same effect.

And, for even more colors and textures, turn to this unique offering. They make it simple to add a glittery touch to any photo. Just download the overlay, upload it to Photoshop, and you’re done.

Although bokeh effects are the most popular and recognizable, they are not the only way to use overlays to alter the light in your photos. These overlays offer everything from bright sunbeams to a hazy shine.

Background Overlays

In addition to adding interesting light and textural effects, overlays can be used to transform the picture’s settings. And whether that be a starry night sky or a wintery wonderland, there are plenty of Photoshop overlay options to help you easily change the background of your photos. Pro tip: adjust the colors in the overlay to experience an even more diverse range of options.

From the northern lights to dark and daunting skies, these Night Sky Overlays are perfect for both beginners and old pros. With little to no effort on your part, these overlays will take your images from day to night.

You can also use overlays to add a decorative touch to seasonal photos and give them a more festive feel. And in cases where the snow or the Christmas tree just didn’t photograph quite as you had imagined, Photoshop overlays are an incredibly important tool that provides an easy fix. Options like these Christmas tree overlays will have any setting feeling like the North Pole.

Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays make it easy to add, you guessed it, graphics to any image. And whether that be a frame or simply an object, they can help make the message of the picture clearer and add an artistic touch. These overlays take all the hard work out of additional effects and touches and give you exactly what you’re looking for at the click of a mouse.

This winter weather overlay is perfect for adding a snowy touch to holiday cards, family photos, and anything else you can imagine. Pro tip: layer different snow overlays at varying opacities for a creative and more involved touch.

From rainbows and unicorns to big birthday balloons, this pack of overlays offers a way to add a message to your photo without unattractive text or other alterations. These types of overlays are particularly helpful for beginners because they eliminate all the steps needed to add an object to a photo.

To Overlay, or Not to Overlay

Overlays have a lot of different uses, and each overlay brings its own unique touch to the image. They make it easy to experiment with different styles and effects and are incredibly simple to use. This makes them popular with everyone from experienced professionals to curious beginners.

So we say, always overlay. It saves time and makes the photo editing process a lot less complicated. And, you don’t lose any of the uniqueness of your photos. With endless ways to adjust and apply them, they truly are the easiest way to create memorable photos.

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