4 Great Tips for WAY Better Travel Videos

tips for better travel films

How do you make a great travel film? Is it the epic panoramic views or the interesting footage you can’t see back home?

We partnered with Tajreen&Co to produce a new video on creating better travel films. Find out how to improve your travel videos with better shots, higher quality audio, and more.

Watch Four Tips for Making WAY Better Travel Videos

Tip #1: Create Context

Build context for your travel videos with establishing shots, wide angles of the scenery, aerial perspectives, and through other footage that helps tell your story.

create context travel videos

Tip #2: Shoot Things At Least Twice

Capturing scenes multiple times will help you to fully tell the story and give the viewer a more clear picture of the destination.

Go wide and then get a close up. Or, take stills and moving shots to alternate in your film. Use different perspectives for short snippets and other cuts throughout your video.

shoot things at least twice travel videos tips

Tip #3: Capture the Experience Immersively

Capture what you’re doing, what you’re seeing, and what you’re feeling. Give the viewer a full experience and look into your trip and the gorgeous place you are documenting.


  • Capture what you’re doing with fun drone clips from above or distant zooms into the activities.

  • Capture what you’re seeing with various angles and wide views of your visual perspective. Show the environment.

  • Capture what you’re feeling by documenting the elements, the wind, the water, the heat, and the energy.

capture videos immersively travel

Tip #4: Focus on the Details (Audio + Visual)

For travel videos, it’s a good ideas to overshoot the details. You want to have a large library of clips to pull from when editing your film down.

Don’t forget about sound! Proper use of sound effects, music, and audio elements can fully immerse the viewer in your story and capture their attention.

focus on the details audio and visual for travel videos

The Travel Triangle

An easy way to remember how to capture a scene immersively.

The Travel Triangle – What are you doing, seeing, and feeling? (watch around 2:55-3:05 to learn more about this)

travel triangle, video production tips

Travel Video Tips Recap

Full recap of all the tips covered in our video collaboration with Tajreen&Co on producing better travel films.

Watch the full video here →

travel video tips recap

Did you enjoy these tips on producing better travel videos? Watch more on the FilterGrade Youtube. Don’t forget to check out Tajreen&Co’s other videos too!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. What kind of videos do you want to see next? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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8 Replies to “4 Great Tips for WAY Better Travel Videos”

  1. Anupam Kumar says:

    Hi, Your blog is really impressive, I am also a traveler and like to make video films but after reading this it gave me a new way to think about video shoot which i will remember whenever i will go for travelling. Thanks for this blog.
    Warm Regards
    Anupam Kumar

    1. Mike says:

      Cheers Anupam! What kind of videos would you like to see on the FilterGrade Youtube next?

  2. Vebu says:

    Hey, Great Video, Great Tips. its put me in the mood to travel, and of course shoot!
    Nice Work Guys

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Vebu! Where are you planning to travel to next? We’re looking at exploring Spain soon. :)

  3. #1 is a huge one, and I think it’s one of the main things that sets apart great travel videos from ones that are just “okay”. Throwing a few establishing shots you filmed with your camera drone at the beginning of a video makes it look super professional, even though in reality getting those shots really isn’t all that difficult… :)

    1. Mike says:

      Totally agree Trenton, it is amazing what some unique perspectives (especially aerial) can do for your video products! Thanks for the comment.

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Ashok!

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