Tips for Using FilterGrade Presets

Photographers and creatives all over use FilterGrade presets for many different types of things. Whether it be learning how to edit, saving yourself time, or any other reason, there is no reason to dislike presets. They are very beneficial and can help you learn how to branch out and create your own unique style.

Everyone starts somewhere, and if you are a new photographer just starting to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, this guide will be perfect for showing you what our presets are all about. Even if you have been editing for awhile and you know the basics about presets, this article will help you find out some of the more in depth uses of our products, as well as the best ways to utilize them to your advantage.

tips for using filtergrade presets

Learning the Ropes

While learning how to edit your photos, presets can be awesome, but we encourage you not to become so engulfed in a specific preset or bundle of presets that you become boxed in. Utilize these presets to your advantage by looking at the basic adjustments first. Look at what the creator did to the basic adjustments first and ask yourself why this person may have done that. Ask yourself, what did that adjustment cause? and how could you use that adjustment to your benefit for the next image you edit.

Basic Settings Adjustment - Tips and Tricks for Using FilterGrade Presets

Next, take a look at the tone curve adjustments. A lot of photographers can make or break their edit during this part of the edit. The tone curve tool allows you to altar the feel of the photo – make it warm or cool, detailed or blurred, and also adjusts the light levels in your photo.

When you are in reviewing this section while using our presets, you’ll want to ask yourself why someone might make this curve adjustment rather than making the exact opposite move. Move the curve tool around and see what your image would look like if you flipped it the opposite side. This will allow you to learn what mood your photo will give off based on simple adjustments.

Tone Curve Adjustment - Tips and Tricks for Using FilterGrade Presets

Once you get a feel for these simple adjustments, start to add in more adjustments. Try increasing light in some spots while lowering the shadows and highlights in another spot. Repeat this a few times with variation to see how you can create different moods and temperatures just by using the tone curve tools many adjustment alterations.

Next, check out the adjustments that have been made to the HSL Color selection tool along with the Split Toning tool. These adjustments control much of the color given off in your image, or even the color you don’t want given off. If you play with the different colors, you’ll be able to see how you can increase the warmth in your image just by changing few colors, or you can see how you can make subtle adjustments to make colors pop throughout your image giving the full edit a lively feel.

HSL Color Adjustment - Tips and Tricks for Using FilterGrade Presets Split Toning / Hue and Saturation Effects - Tips and Tricks for Using FilterGrade Presets

After you have made some color adjustments, the Split Toning tool will be your best friend while trying to blend these colors to give your photo a more enhanced feel with perfect lighting and coloring. Although not the easiest tool to use, if you play around with the hue and saturation bars you will see that your image can change immensely. However, using the balance bar to help create harmony between the two adjustments will give hopefully give you what you’re looking for. If not, keep trying and you’ll be sure to get to the edit you’ve been trying to reach all along.

Here are a few more questions you may want to ask yourself while learning how to edit using our presets:

  • How did that little adjustment cause drastic change?
  • Why does this curve cause that effect?
  • How can I recreate that effect in a different setting?
  • Will this effect offset another?
  • Can I create this mood if I make that adjustment?
  • Did using this tool make my photo better? or did I just make an adjustment because?

Of course, ask yourself these questions while looking through the detail settings and the camera calibration/effects tabs as well because the first part of editing is knowing what the tools you have will do.

Take a look at the list below if you are learning how to edit and use presets, these are some preset packs from FilterGrade Partners that will help you get you headed in the right direction:

  1. David Erdelyi Lightroom Presets
  2. Allegra Messina Lightroom Presets
  3. Clay Moss Opal Lightroom Presets
  4. Kellan Hendry Lightroom Presets
  5. Stewart Clementz Lightroom Presets
  6. FilterGrade Lightroom Preset Starter Kit


Save Yourself Some Time

Another ideal use of our Lightroom Presets are to save time. We get it, some people just really don’t like presets and they won’t use them, but that doesn’t mean that presets are bad for everyone, in fact, many people use presets to save time and hit deadlines. For the agency photographers, the wedding photographers, the sports photographers and photography/media companies, our presets are saving vast amounts of time and money.

When you have a deadline to hit for a client, you need your photos to be precise and on time. Check out the Agency category on our marketplace if you are looking for larger bundles of presets or filters that you might need for a work related project. Once you have the presets to help you out on your next project, dive into them and check out all of the effects! But once you have them, they’re yours – make them your own. If you don’t like one of the effects and you know you wouldn’t need or use that specific filter, change it up a bit. Make some small lighting changes or switch up the temperature or mood to something you know you would use.

When you do this, you automatically set yourself up for success on your next photography gig. You’ll be on time for your client and your edits will be outstanding!

Here are some of the best Agency Bundles and wide-ranging preset packs:

  1. Loaded Landscapes Lightroom Presets
  2. Escape Journal Lightroom Presets
  3. Sean Dalton Cafe Tones Lightroom Presets
  4. Jessica Marx Culinary Lightroom Presets
  5. Alexandra Ford Lightroom Presets
  6. The Death of Film Lightroom Presets
  7. Modern Portrait Lightroom Presets


Step Up Your Game

Many people are controversial when it comes to Lightroom Presets. Some people think they’re really cool and beneficial, while others just think they are just used to copy people’s personal style. And neither one of you is wrong, but neither one of you is correct either.

People will use presets how they choose and we know that some people may copy a photographer’s style. Although this is not our goal, we know it happens, which is why we are writing this article – to prevent copying, and to promote ingenuity and integrity.

Photo editing

Our goal at FilterGrade is to teach beginners, AND advanced photographers, the best ways to edit. And whether you believe it or not, using presets can help you step up your game. Learn from your favorite photographers and see how they edit by using their presets to try and figure out what exactly was going through their mind when they made a certain move.

Certain photographers will stick with key adjustments to enhance their photo, while others will change it up on every image to produce completely different outcomes. Learning from these influencers can teach you a thing or two and will instill key editing moves into your head.

Just because you are looking at another person’s style and learning from it doesn’t mean it is copying, it means you care about your editing and want to improve, which is something to be proud of, not embarrassed about.

If you’re looking to step up your game and learn about intriguing artist, check out these Preset Packs below:

  1. Taylor Cut Films Lightroom Presets Bundle
  2. Monaris Lightroom Presets
  3. Bleeblu Lightroom Presets
  4. Noel Alva Lightroom Presets
  5. Haylsa Tropical Tones Lightroom Presets
  6. Artist Found Lightroom Presets


We hope that we helped you learn more about our presets and how to use them in this article, if you have any questions about using our presets or what presets to buy, feel free to contact [email protected]!

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