Top 10 Camera White Box Sets for Product Photography

Top 10 White Box Sets for Product Photography - FilterGrade

When it comes to successful product photography, the right lighting or white box set up is essential. You want to have flawless lighting and a seamless, clear background to make the products truly stand out. There are a variety of white boxes, tents, and sets that can help you achieve your desired look. These are the top 10 white box sets for product photography that are perfect for all types of photographers!

Top 10 Camera White Box Sets

1. Glow WhiteBox II Portable LED Photo Booth

This is a large and versatile white box. It is ideal when you are shooting large products or using a mannequin to shoot different clothing and accessories. What is also valuable about this white box is that live models can also be posed inside the box so you can use real models to showcase the products or you can easily set this up for portraits as well.

2. Glow LED Studio-Cube Portable Shooting Tent with Dimmer

This white cube set is portable and easy to store for those who don’t have a lot of space to keep a product set constructed in their studio. It comes equipped with a dimmer to have more control over lighting. The cube can also unfold so you can shoot a variety of different products. Learn more or get yours here

3. Smith-Victor LB-28, 28″ Light Box Tent with Background Sweeps

This box does a fantastic job of eliminating unwanted shadows and glares which can make your products look unattractive. You can use this lightbox with any type of light source and still maintain even and attractive lighting. Check out this white box here. 

4. OrangeMonkie Foldio3 Portable Studio 25″ Shooting Tent

This all in one white box set some packed with accessories that can help you create extraordinary product images. It features an easy to assemble design that you can take down quickly and carry with you on the go. It also features a triple LED lighting system with dimmer control to give you full control over the lighting. Get yours here

5. Smith-Victor 15.5″ LED Desktop Studio

This desktop white box set is ideal for smaller product images. It allows you to get up close to showcase the details of the product. The manual turntable will allow you to rotate the product so you can capture all sides with ease. Learn more about it here.

6. JTL Photo Cocoon, Tire Style Still Life Translucent Box

The unique design of this white box makes it ideal for products that are small and reflective. The lens fits through an opening in the front panel that helps you capture your products from multiple angles. To learn more check this lightbox out here.

7. MyStudio PS5 PortaStudio

What makes this white box stand out among the others on this list is, it is truly a continuous white background. Unlike the other designs, that fold or collapse this studio photography set up offers a seamless background, you can also bu additional colored background rolls to use. It features a daylight fluorescent light system that provides soft and even lighting on your products. Learn more here.

8. Westcott Photo Basics 30″ DigiTent

This lighting tent allows you to softly light your product from all the sides. This is the perfect size to medium-sized products, or use a small stand to place smaller items. The Westcott Photo Basics DigiTent provides you with an easy to assemble and collapse studio product photography set up that will allow you to shoot a number of products without fear of glares or poor lighting.

9. Alzo Digital 14″ Photo Light Tent Cube Kit

If you are just beginning in product photography this is a highly affordable and efficient option. This light tent is ideal for smaller products and those that are highly reflective like jewelry, accessories or glass and metal products. You will also be provided with 4 different colored background sweeps to make your products stand out. Learn more about this light tent kit here.

10. Pyle PSTDKT8 Studio Photography Kit

This white box kit comes with a square shooting booth, light stands, and colored backdrops. It offers a simple design that is perfect for beginners but allows those experienced product photographers more freedom, flexibility, and control over their product shoots. Learn about all you can do with this kit here

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