Top 10 Glitch Intros for After Effects

One of the coolest and most dynamic styles for opening sequences in a video is definitely glitch intros. They’re dynamic, exciting, unexpected, and interesting. If you want to create your own intro but don’t want to spend the time creating one from scratch, you can download one of these awesome glitch openers for After Effects! Which one is your favorite?

1. VHS Urban Opener | Modern Glitch Intro

Combining the best of 90s VHS effects with modern glitch effects, this opener template is perfect for capturing this look. The template is available in 4K resolution and contains 7 media placeholders, 22 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. This means it has plenty to work with! It’s full of action and is appropriate for a vintage-futuristic look.

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2. 4K Glitch Logo Reveal

This ultra-modern glitch logo intro is the perfect addition to any video that wants to add a sense of excitement. It’s a simple template with a logo or text placeholder. Just drop in your logo and the template will work its magic!

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3. The Ultimate Glitch Logo

This glitch logo template uses a combination of stylish glitch features to create something modern and clean. It contains 1 logo or text placeholder, as well as full control over the background colors. It’s sure to catch the eye of anyone watching your videos.

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4. Urban Glitch Promo

This urban-style glitch opener is a multipurpose template that can function as a slideshow for any need. It has 15 image or video placeholders, 7 text placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. You can adjust all of the colors as well. The whole template is full of dynamic transitions and effects, so it’s an exciting starting point for showcasing your videos or images.

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5. Glitch TV Logo Reveal

This glitchy lgoo reveal has a lot going on! It’s fast, but features a lot of different animations and distortion effects. It has 1 logo placeholder and 1 tagline placeholder. You can easily edit it to match your branding and colors. Definitely a few steps above your standard logo reveal.

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6. Urban Glitch Intro

This urban-themed glitch intro is a great way of showing off your images or videos. It has 16 editable text layers, 23 media placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. With so many options, you’ll have no trouble making your content super exciting with glitchy transitions and a tasteful level of glitch effects.

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7. Powerful Glitch Logo Intro

This stylish glitch opener template is modern, clean, and subtle. You have full color control along with a text or logo placeholder. This is on the simpler end of glitch logos, but sometimes less is more and you don’t need to go all-out on the intros.

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8. Glitch Promo Opener

This urban-style glitch opener brings plenty of fun glitches to your video and to your text. It’s dynamic and exciting, as well as simple to edit and use. It has various placeholders for photos or videos along with text. Along with the transitions and the effects, the animated items floating around the screen help sell the look.

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9. Glitch Logo

This simple glitch logo is quick but effective. The opener shows your logo and applies a simple glitch effect. It just has 1 logo placeholder and 1 editable text layer, but it’s easy to work with. It makes a great intro for videos, that doesn’t go too long.

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10. Awesome Glitch Photo Collage

If you have a ton of photos and you want to put them in a glitchy photo wall, this intro template is the way to go! It has 25 image or video placeholders, is available in 4K, and comes with a large variety of glitch effects so that you can keep things interesting for your viewers!

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