TOP 10 Project Manager Tools for Videographers

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When it comes to project management tools you want something that is easy to access by all team members, is affordable, and helps streamline your workflow quickly and efficiently. As a videographer, the right project management tool can help you stay on schedule, focus on the key aspects of the project, and cut out time wasted on communication issues and more. The following project management tools can assist in the planning, shooting, organizing, and execution of any video project you are working on. 

10 Project Manager Tools for Videographers. 

1. Trello

Trello can help keep your team organized and on schedule. It offers a fun and flexible platform for easy collaboration. You can create task lists, boards, cards and more for each project so your workflow is easy to track and follow. It has a robust system with useful features and can be customized to fit your project needs. See how this tool can keep your video project more organized here. 

2. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that focuses on team collaboration. It offers an intuitive space where teams can share tasks, progress, and more. With its various project view tools, you can easily see where each of your video projects are. It offers a scheduling and pending task tracker that can be shared with team members. Learn more about this project manager tool here

3. Basecamp

Basecamp offers a wide range of useful features that can help with all types of video projects from big to small. You will find it is easy to use and can help you keep all the tasks, schedules, and communication in one place. Easily create new projects and assign a team to each one so members can stay up to date on what needs to be done. It allows you to create specific breakdowns of each project with easy to check off tasks that will let you know what has been completed. See what else you can do with this platform here

4. Paymo

Paymo is an all-in-one platform that allows you to set schedules for projects, track progress, bill and more. It offers a robust shared space for team members to easily and effectively come together. Learn more about how to get started here

5. ProjectManager

This project management tool is ideal for those complex projects where you have a big team that needs to be able to collaborate and share details instantly. This platform allows teams to see clear views of the project and tasks on the schedule. It also allows them to clearly visualize the progress of each project. It also offers a valuable customer support system to help you learn the ins and outs of the platform in no time. See how this tool can help you with your big projects here

6. Yamdu

Yamdu was created for videographers. This platform takes into consideration every aspect and step of the video production process. You can organize your teams to make the whole process runs smoothly. Teams can communicate, plan, and collaborate instantly. Videographers will find that this tool allows them to better manage and schedule projects of all sizes and keep multiple projects being worked on simultaneously on track. See how you can easily get started with Yamdu here

7. Celtx

This cloud-based system allows you to easily control each step of the video production process from beginning to end. It features specific tools that can assist in the scriptwriting, shooting schedules, tasks and more. Its real-time collaboration feature means your teams can update as they go so everyone is on the same page at the same time. Learn how this project management tool can keep you video projects more organized here

8. Setkick

This simple platform offers videographers a wide range of features to manage all their video projects. You can use this platform for all types of video projects and can keep specific details more organized such as case management, storyboard scheduling and more. This can be easily incorporated and used for big-budget and small independent film projects. Learn more here

9. Filestage

This is a simple project management tool that allows you to instantly collaborate on a new project and share content ideas. Your team can leave instant feedback which you can approve and organize on one platform. It is easy to access and use with quick tracking or project tasks. Learn more about it here

10. Teamwork Projects

If you are looking for a platform that helps keep your teams organized in one shared space this might be an ideal tool for you. Teamwork Projects allows your teams to easily plan, collaborate, and report on projects. It makes each step of the process easy to track and less complex. Learn more about this project manager tool here

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