Top 10 Vintage Film Mobile Lightroom Preset Packs

Top 10 Vintage Film Mobile Preset Packs - FilterGrade

If you’re on the hunt for a quick and easy way to edit photos and add professional-quality effects, Lightroom presets are the way to go. With just the tap of a finger, you can completely transform your image. And, not only are Lightroom presets great for photographers, but they also make photo-editing much less difficult for the common folk. So, whether you’re a professional trying to accelerate your workflow or just someone who wants their Instagram to look good, mobile Lightroom presets are an extremely useful tool. 

Lightroom presets come in an endless array of different styles and effects, but some just hold a special place in our hearts. Vintage film mobile presets give you all the tools you need to give any photo a cool, classic film effect. With options ranging from warm and soft boho colors to cool tones and grain variations, anyone can find a vintage film preset that suits their personal style. And, to give you a little head start, we’ve assembled a collection of the top 10 vintage film mobile Lightroom preset packs below. 

Modern Vintage Lightroom Presets

This comprehensive pack offers a full range of creative takes on the desirable film effect, and allows you to customize the final result for an effect that truly feels personal. Perfect for the Lightroom novice, this pack makes finding your personal style a cinch. 

City of Love – Vintage Street Style Lightroom Presets

If you want your photos to have a black and white, vintage film vibe, then look no further. This Lightroom Preset pack includes a variety of different presets, all of which make it feel like you’re wandering through a classic 50s film. 

Sean Dalton Cafe & Film Lightroom Presets

These presets will help you add minimal, cafe inspired effects to your photography and help create vivid, deep tones. These presets are ideal for cafes, restaurants, indoor photography, and more. Start your culinary and lifestyle edits with these presets from Sean Dalton.

21 Cinematography Presets for LR + Mobile

For the a gritty and grainy vintage effect, that somehow still feels refined, simply download these Lightroom presets. With cool, warm cinema tones, an emphasis on natural colors, and nighttime specific persets, this pack feels ideal for anyone who is looking to spice up their nature or adventure photography. 

18 Film/Vintage Effects for LR + Mobile

This pack of vintage film Lightroom presets was created specifically for cityscape photography, although we think it works with other types of photography just as well. Packed to the brim with warm tones, moody looks, and even the occasionally selective addition of a glossy shine, these presets are perfect for a photographer on the go. 

Ryan Dodson Lightroom Presets

This bundle of lifestyle filters was created by photographer Ryan Dodson. Ryan’s presets are perfect for adding subtle effects and vintage tones to your portrait and lifestyle photos.

35 Film Mobile Lightroom Presets

Nothing says vintage quite like a 35mm film camera. Unfortunately, unless you’re an experienced professional, it can be extremely difficult to shoot on said camera. Luckily, there are Lightroom presets that enable you to give photos shot on your phone the dreamy, vintage 35mm effect. It is hands down, one of our favorites.

BleeBlu Lightroom Presets

Made by master photographer Mark Harless, aka Bleeblu, these Lightroom Presets will help you add low contrast, faded effects to your photos.

Film Tone Mobile Presets

A Lightroom mobile exclusive, this pack of vintage film presets was designed for photo-editing on the go. You can easily tweak the effects to reflect your own personal preferences, and the subtle grain and noise gives any photo a distinct vintage feel. 

Together in Love Desktop + Mobile Lightroom Presets

Featuring earthy brown tones and high-contrast effect this pack of vintage film mobile Lightroom presets is just as perfect for wedding photography as it is for landscape shots. 

As you can see, there are many different definitions of what constitutes a vintage film effect, and each and every one of these packs offers something unique and distinct. They make it unbelievably simple to give your photos a cool retro look. The only difficult thing about using these mobile Lightroom presets, is deciding which one to download. 

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