Top 15 Canva Tutorials for Beginners

Canva is a powerful web-based graphic design tool. If you’ve never used it, you’re missing out. Once you know how to use its tools, your blog images, Instagram posts, video thumbnails, event posters, and presentations will be better than ever! Here are 20 fantastic Canva tutorials for beginners. These will teach you the basics of how to work the interface of Canva, as well as how to create some specific types of graphics.

1. How to Create Christmas Cards in Canva – FilterGrade

This first Canva tutorial is from our own blog. In this guide on how to create holiday cards, we actually cover most of the basics of the designer and how to use all of the elements. If you got here because you wanted to just make a card for your family and friends without much trouble, then you’ve come to the right place.

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2. Getting Started with Canva – Canva

If you’re just starting with Canva, the best place to begin is probably with the tool’s own set of video tutorials. These videos will guide you through the basics. The only issue is that these tutorials put a lot of focus on setting up teams and printing t-shirts, which may be extraneous if you’re only trying to figure out how to make a basic design for social media. Regardless, you can pick and choose which videos are relevant to what you need to learn.

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3. How to Use Canva For Beginners – Natalia Kalinska

Set aside your short articles and Canva’s own short videos. This one-hour and forty-minute beginner’s guide will go step-by-step through everything on the platform. You’ll learn how to navigate and make the most of the home page. Then you’ll learn how to use the basics of the editor, with plenty of time spent on elements, text, and all of the additional features the Canva editor includes.

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4. Canva Tutorial for Beginners 2021 – The Beauty Revival

Alright, so maybe a tutorial the length of a feature film is a little much for you. If that’s the case, then this 20-minute beginner’s guide will be perfect. It gets straight to the point, covering the primary features, all of the free assets you should leverage, and of course how to use the editor. This part of the tutorial walks through each of the tools, giving you a taste of the possibilities with Canva.

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5. How to Create a Canva Landing Page – Sara Nguyen

Did you know that you could create a clickable landing page in Canva? This is perfect for your “link in bio” page on Instagram, and it’s an invaluable tutorial for beginners who want to use Canva to elevate their Instagram. This guide is aimed at absolute beginners, but it does require a paid Canva plan to host the webpage.

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6. Create a Blog Image Template in Canva – Design Bundles

Design Bundles has an extensive selection of Canva tutorials, and one of the guides you’ll probably want to peruse is how to create a blog image template. This tutorial covers the basics of how to use the editing tools to create a graphic, giving you the skills you need to keep experimenting and designing. In moments, you’ll have a beautiful and functional blog header.

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7. How to Create an Instagram Puzzle Feed with Canva – Blogging Guide

Have you ever looked at one of those fancy Instagram feeds where all of the images flow together into one big canvas and wished you could make on yourself? Well with this quick tutorial, you can! It is a simple enough process that even a Canva beginner will be able to follow the guide. At least, assuming you have a good eye for graphic design and a little creativity!

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8. Canva Logo Tutorial – How to Make a Logo In Canva (2021) – Socially Nina Thomas

You may want to use Canva to design logos. If that’s the main thing you care about then this tutorial is perfect for you. In this 25 minute video, you will learn the Canva tools that you’ll need to create logos. But you’ll also learn some of the basics of what makes a good logo design in terms of color, shape, and usage of white space. Most of all, this tutorial reminds you that logo design is a creative and iterative process – an important thing to keep in mind!

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9. Canva Tutorial for Beginners: How to Use Canva in 2021 – TheFigCo

Here is another Canva tutorial for beginners. It’s incredibly easy to follow and describes everything clearly. The tutorial goes over a clean and simple design that utilizes most of the common features of Canva, so you’ll have no problem replicating a similar design.

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10. This is How to Use Canva for Beginners in 5 Easy Steps – Louise Myers

5 easy steps you say? That’s all it takes to get started with your first Canva graphic! This short and sweet step-by-step guide takes you through the basics so you can get started using the basic features of Canva as fast as possible. With this tutorial, you should be able to find your way to a more advanced guide about what you want to do, or start exploring Canva yourself.

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11. How to Use Canva For Beginners: 2020 Canva Tutorial – Sandra The Mom Boss

This video tutorial is easy to follow and covers creating a basic design in a ton of detail. You’ll learn not only how to use the basic features but also some of the more niche tools that can enhance a design with small touches.

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12. The Ultimate Canva Guide of Beginners – Socially Nina Thomas

If you want to learn how to use Canva for personal or business use, this is a great tutorial. It covers how to use Canva as well as how it helps businesses. For those who are totally new to social media management, there are some helpful tips for you as well. Creating graphics for social media may seem easy, but there are a lot of rules and guidelines.

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13. How to Evenly Space Elements in Canva – Blogging Guide

You can choose the best elements and follow the best Canva tutorials that we’ve listed here to create a graphic. But it can all fall apart if your elements seem scattered and random. This quick guide will walk you through the ways to make sure your Canva elements are evenly spaced. This is great if you’re trying to create a symmetrical design or if you’re creating a border with repeating elements.

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14. Canva Mobile App Tutorial (For iPhone) – Sara Nguyen

If you’re using Canva, there is a high chance that you’re using a mobile device to quickly create awesome designs for social media. The app is just as powerful as the desktop version, and this Canva tutorial will guide you through creating a design in no time at all.

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15. Canva 101: 10 Do’s & Don’ts for Beginners – YourChicGeek

Not sure if what you’re creating in Canva is good or not? You can go through this easy checklist of 10 do’s and don’ts to give you some peace of mind. You’ll learn some fundamentals of graphic design for one thing! This will help you keep designs simple yet effective, and to not go too crazy with all of the great features Canva has.

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