Top 20 Free Holiday and Christmas Fonts

Fonts have a way of enhancing your text, message, tone, and feel of many projects. When it comes to seasonal projects like winter, Christmas, New Year’s, and all the other festive activities – they tend to invoke more nostalgic, cheery, and joyful feelings. Pairing your design with the right font can make your holiday works stand out. We’ve gathered up the top 20 free holiday fonts that you can begin using today, for free!

20 Holiday and Christmas Fonts

1. Navidad Font

This font is festive and simple. The slightly extended glyphs of the letters C, R, and S give it that classic holiday touch. Download this font from Font Space here

2. One Starry Night

This font has a subtle handwritten feel to it. It is perfect for creating personalized cards and more this holiday season. The swirling letters help this font stand out and brings a fun energy to your holiday projects. Download it here

3. Sentinel Font

For a vintage holiday font, you can’t go wrong with the Sentinel font. It is bold and intricate. Each letter has a beautifully detailed design that gives it a 3D feel. Download this font here and begin using it this holiday season.

4. Chopin Script

If you are looking for an elegant font to use this holiday season, look no further! This cursive style font perfectly pairs thin lines with swirling accents. It is the ideal font for adding a personalized touch to any holiday design. Download it from 1001 Fonts here

5. Mountains of Christmas

This is a unique and playful font. This font gives a bouncy energy to your text and would be ideally paired with hand-drawn illustrations. Download it from Fonts Squirrel here and see what holiday cheer you can create with this fun-filled font. 

6. Harrington

This is another classic holiday font that will stir up memories. While the letters are perfectly aligned they add a touch of holiday fun with the bold curves and trails. Get this festive font here.   

7. Sunny WInter in Texas

This thin font captures the holiday season by adding in a few joyous accents. Its clean yet gives off a handwritten feel that would pair perfectly with a bolder font for holiday cards and personalized gifts. Get started with this font here. 

8. Holleigh Caps

The Holleigh Caps free holiday font adds a touch of holiday feel right into the font design. This is an all CAPS font that displays little holly leaves in each of the letters. It works well because the letters are thin and the flow is not overwhelming. You can download this font here

9. Harbell

This font will pair well with a simple thin font but can hold up on its own as well. It is bold and playful and will spread your holiday message loud and clear. Give it a try here

10. Antrokas

It is hard to find a holiday font that perfectly blends elegant strokes, a ribbon-like flow, and thin lines but the Antrokas font does this and more. This is a beautiful font that would look stunning on any holiday project or gift. You can get this holiday font for free here

11. Candy Cane

Candy canes symbolize the holidays in a number of ways. Whether they are hanging on a tree, or in the hand of a young child, these delicious treats bring about plenty of holiday memories. The Candy Cane font perfectly incorporates the candy cane stripes with rounded edges for a playful font. Download this font here

12. Herr Von Muellerhoff

A little bit of elegance, a little bit of old holiday charm, this font has the right touch of both. With handwritten calligraphy strokes and elongated swirls, you will add playfulness and holiday charm to your text. Download this free holiday font here.

13. Shipped Goods Holiday Font

This font makes good use of a blank canvas. The trailing tails and swirls will fill your cards and tags with cheerful lines. This is a great alternative to the more traditional handwritten text so will give you holiday projects a refreshing look. Get started with this font by downloading it here.

14. Sofia

This font is ideal for any holiday project. It is easy to read and offers clean decorative swirls to add in comfort and joy. Download it here.

15. Maratre

This beautiful font screams the holiday season. Its swirls and clean lines are classic and modern. See all the elegant flourishes for each individual letter here. 

16. Grand Hotel

The slight slant and curves of this font are what make it stand out. It is playful and decorative perfect to use as a header or can stand alone on its own. Get this font for free here

17. Always Here

Simple, crisp, and clean sums up this font. The elongated lines make this font unique and easy to read. The subtle swirls and typewriter inspired letters merge classic and modern in a cheerful way. Use this font by downloading it here

18. Hultog Snowdrift

Looking at this font and you are reminded of the snow-covered landscape so many of us think of when we think about the holidays. This font is ideal for cards and other holiday-themed decor but can be easily used for a variety of projects. Give your holiday projects a winter makeover by downloading this font here.

19. Xiomara

This font has a childlike feel to it but is clean and easy to read. The swirls and playful lines make this font come alive on the page. This font works well with many holiday projects with varying colors and tones. Get started with this font here

20. Sevillana

This font just makes you want to smile. Its curves, swirls, and thought out flourishes make this font truly unique and a great tribute to the holiday season. It works well with more sophisticated designs but is also whimsical and playful enough to pair well with informal designs. Download this font here

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  1. Hasibur Joy says:

    Grand Holiday font is one of my favorite fonts. It is free to use and one of the best unique fonts. Thanks for sharing this list. I have a question, Can I use the Grand Holiday font for commercial use?

  2. Matthew Dent says:

    I was looking for some attractive and eye-catching font like Chopin Script for my designs. Your article was very informative and helpful to me. You helped me find a perfect font for my designs. Thanks a lot for that.

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