Top 5 Lighting Setups for Vloggers

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You might think that in order to start your Vlogging career you need to be an expert in cinematography to be successful in vlogging. In fact, all you really need is a decent lighting set up, a tripod or a steady stand equivalent and something that you are passionate and knowledgeable about to talk on. But let’s talk about your lighting set up, there are several lighting options that you can do for your vlog but it is good to know that ‘not one size fits all’ when it comes to your lighting. Unless you are going to be set up in the EXACT same location EVERY time, you will need to know what your options are for lighting and how to use these lighting tools in different locations, mobile, weight factors, ect. Knowledge is power!

In this post, we will explain some of the basic lighting techniques and give you some recommendations on lighting equipment you can buy. By using these techniques, you will ensure a better-quality vlog and will help you build your fan base with videos that are clearer and more visually appealing.

1.Three-point Lighting



Three-point lighting is a basic photography/videography light scenario that enables the subject to be lite from three angles, backlight, key light and fill light. These three lights work together to remove dark shadows and harsh lighting scenarios on your subject’s face (that’s you by the way). Because we have all see those videos where the subject is either blown out or under-lit, the three-point lighting allows the subject matter to be equally lit from all angles. This is an ideal set up for if you are going to have a studio to do you videos in – less if you are planning on doing mobile vlogs by yourself.


Three-point Light Set Up

2. Ring Lighting



Cell Phone Ring Light


Ring lighting tends to be more popular for traveling or solo vlogger. It is easy to set up gives you close up, well-rounded light for your subject matter, you can set up your camera with an independent stand or if you are on the go there are travel ring lights that you can attach to your phone so it is an easy set up if you are travel or on the go. It gives minimal shadows and tends to be the best set up if you are trying to work on a budget.



Ring Light With Stand

3. Soft-box Lighting



Softbox Lighting Set Up


Using a soft-box is a great way to help soften your scene. Sometimes, certain kinds of natural or even studio lights can cause a harsh glare on the subject’s face or the scene, this is when you’d want to use a softbox. The light from the softbox is defused and projects a soft, yet even tone on the subject’s face. Many times, this is used for a documentary filming or interviewing a subject matter.

4. Natural lighting



Natural lighting doesn’t need a lot of explanation – this is what we also call ambient light. Any natural lighting source that is altering the scene lighting. This could be the overhead lights in a room, light flooding in from the window onto your scene or subject or even being outside without a flash or fill light to alter the scene. This can be good if you are wanting to travel light with your vlogging equipment but working with just sunlight can be tricky too because during the highest points of the sun during the day casts hard shadows on the subject’s face. So if you are going to be using a lot of natural light, be sure to learn about the “golden” and the “blue” hours of the day so you know when and how to use natural light to your benefit.

5. Umbrella Lighting



Umbrella Lighting Set Up


Umbrella lighting is used to case indirect lighting onto your subject. You can use a white umbrella to soften the light reflecting on a subject or black and silver umbrellas to enhance the light. This technique is used instead of shining the light directly on the subject, you shine the light into the underside of a reflective umbrella.


With a white umbrella, the light is partially absorbed by the umbrella which returns the light with softer tones being reflected back onto the subject. Black and silver umbrellas focus and brighten the light.

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