Top 10 Final Cut Pro LUTs and Presets

Top 10 Final Cut Pro LUTs and Presets

Final Cut Pro is a popular and powerful video editing program for Mac users. If you’re trying to find the absolute best Final Cut Pro LUTs and presets, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled 10 of the best downloads and purchases from our website and from others. Check them out below! Cover photo by James McKinven.

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1. Vanessa & Ivo’s Wedding LUTs

Download Here

This LUT pack of wedding looks is incredibly popular in our shop, and works with Final Cut Pro as well as most major editing programs. The LUT pack itself comes with 12 video LUTs used by longtime wedding videographers. You won’t find any “teal and orange” looks here, but plenty of warm, contrasty, and colorful LUTs that are perfect for weddings and beyond.

2. FCPX VFX Suite

Download Here

Pixel Film Studios has a lot of awesome Final Cut Pro products, but one of the coolest is definitely their VFX suite. It includes a lot of particle effects. You’ll find liquid, smoke, fire, and even more effect, and they are all unique to Final Cut Pro. There are many animated titles included in this pack as well. If you want to make your videos look cinematic with high-quality effects, this is a great product.

3. 4K Lens Flares & Film LUTs

Download Here

Do you want a massive pack of awesome film LUTs and lens flares? This is a great value pack for a large variety of looks that cover a ton of moods. It’s a must-have! It includes looks for winter, corporate, gym, night, stunt crew, landscape, and even more. It works in Final Cut Pro as well as most other editing programs.

4. VHS Effects

vhs effects final cut pro presets

Download Here

This VHS effect pack lets you make your Final Cut Pro video edits look straight out of the 90s. These kinds of effects are great to have in your back pocket to drag and drop into your project. It’s a million times easier than making an effect like this by scratch. These presets are great for movie trailers, nostalgic edits, and more.

5. Color Grading Central Free Cinema LUTs

Download Here

Color Grading Central’s Free Cinema LUTs pack for Final Cut Pro is just the right price (free!) and has some awesome LUTs that you can drop into your project to make your footage look great. They’re meant to imitate the looks of popular films with distinctive color grades.

6. @i2raelgil Underwater LUTs Pack

Download Here

Created by travel photographer and free-diver Israel Gil, these underwater LUTs are absolutely essential if you’re working with any sort of underwater footage. These looks will color-correct underwater footage to remove haze and give more true colors, with both warm and cool tones.

7. Celluloid Video LUTs

Download here

This pack of 10 LUTs compatible with Final Cut Pro (plus 4 DaVinci Resolve presets) exists to get amazing skin tones and skin textures in your color grades. The pack includes LUTs aimed at a more natural and neutral look, but also includes ones that will result in contrasty, saturated, and vintage looks. There is a lot to work with here for the price, so you should be able to find the perfect color grade for your project.

8. The Cine Pack Video LUTs

the cine pack final cut pro luts

Download Here

The Cine Pack is an awesome “orange and teal” LUT pack that contains 10 unique filmmaker LUTs. They’re color-focused and aimed at people editing travel and adventure videos. If you want to make your videos really pop with a trendy look, this pack is for you.

9. FCPX LUT Film

Download Here

This pack of 60 film-inspired Final Cut Pro LUTs is perfect for experimenting with a variety of looks for your footage. All of the LUTs are filmic and can be adjusting to a high degree.

10. The Pretty Pack

the pretty pack final cut pro luts

Download Here

Created by travel blogger Alicia Mae Hirté, this LUT pack is perfect for vloggers who want to look great even when the situation may not allow for it. You may not look your best while traveling, but this LUT pack features many looks including “Skin Win” that aims to beautify skin tones. Some of the additional LUTs add a unique look to cities, landscapes, and interior scenes. With this, you can make your vlogs stand out from the rest!

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