Top 7 Free Assets for YouTube Video Editing

Top 7 Free Assets for YouTube Video Editing

Editing for YouTube and other short-form video is unique and vastly differently than editing movies or short films. And there are a ton of free resources out there that you can download and use to enhance your YouTube videos or even your more cinematic edits. Today we’re showing off 10 awesome free assets including sound packs, effects, and more!

Most of these are completely free to use even in monetized content, but we’ll make a note if there are any limitations. You can also subscribe to various services such as Elements in order to have unlimited or large quantities of downloads of high-quality assets. These aren’t technically free but they can be had for a great value with a subscription. Be sure to check out more video editing assets on FilterGrade. Cover photo credit: JESHOOTS

Premium Beat Trailer Construction Kit

This sound pack from Premium Beat features 20 unique sound effects that are perfect for an action movie or horror movie trailer. It includes risers, slams, and atmospheric sounds. With these audio files, you can create some fantastic layered sounds that add a lot of auditory depth to your edits. Obviously, this pack is designed for trailers, but the atmospheric sounds and risers are perfect for any YouTube video in which you want to build up suspense or create an atmosphere of horror.

Download here Simple Titles for Premiere Pro

We have some tutorials on how to create your own titles, but animations like that can sometimes take a long time to perfect. This makes a free animated titles pack like this one from so good. This pack includes 10 basic animated titles, but for general usage, lower thirds, and other easy things like that they are absolutely perfect. They’re clean, customizable, and fit just about any style. They are free for personal use but require a $9 license to use in monetized YouTube videos.

Download here

ActionVFX Camera Shake Presets

Fake camera shake effects can bring a lot of life to stationary tripod footage, and it often looks pretty convincing. It’s even better when you create a special effect from tripod footage, and then add fake camera shake to it to really sell the effect and make it look real. These After Effects presets from ActionVFX are available up to 4K, and have a variety of styles including wide, telephoto, impact, and zoom.

Download here

Debrup Travel & Films Smooth Transitions

This pack of 20 transitions lives up to its title, as they are absolutely smooth. For the most part, they are clean and simple, and they will blend well in any vlog or travel video. The Cross Spin effect is definitely one of the most interesting and dynamic, so play around with the various options included in this free pack.

Download here Error Glitch & Distortion Presets

This pack of distortion presets has a selection of high quality glitch effects. They’re animation presets that emulate various types of glitches and will work well in an action-based edit or a trailer. They’re super easy to use – just drag and drop them onto your footage. As with the other preset we featured here, you will need to pay the $9 license to use these presets in commercial or monetized work.

Download here

Music Video Pack Vol. 4 by AK Visuals

This music video transitions pack is awesome for creating music videos of course, but the transitions contained in this pack are also great for any video. They are action-packed and full of fluid motion. This free pack is totally free to use, although AK Visuals also offers a paid pack with even more transitions. Keep an eye out for the other free packs from AK.

Download here

Premium Beat Ambient SFX

If you’re creating videos you may not have considered ambient background noise. This free pack of sounds is perfect for covering up small background noises or for adding a sense of atmosphere to a scene. You should always record room noise during a shoot, but you might forget sometimes. This pack can be a replacement for room noise, with fantastic background noises like street traffic, car interior, ocean waves, and many more. Check out more sound effects here.

Download here

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