Top Free Online Video Editors (Beginner Friendly)

The Top Free Online Video Editors

We can all agree that YouTube is rather a lifestyle than a simple video sharing platform. Over 100 billion hours of video are watched on Youtube every single day. Meanwhile, the rise of the short video network TikTok should not be ignored as well. With that being said, video editing is no longer limited to the tech-savvy.

For beginners it can be worthwhile to check the list below of the best online video editing tools that are easy to get started with. Get your videos ready in minutes and in perfect shape to share on your social media account. Also, don’t worry experienced video editors, we’ve got articles on Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve for you along with a roundup of the best video editing blogs.

Best Free Online Video Editors

1. Clipchamp

Clipchamp has all your video needs in one place. It provides a free video editor along with compressorconverter and webcam recorder. The user interface is as simple as it can be while offering all essential editing options you can expect from a modern video maker including trimming, cutting, speed control, titleblocks, filters and more. Simply drag, drop and click and your video is ready to go. Above all these great features, Clipchamp is free to work on as many projects as you like and export completed projects in 480p output resolution.

Try editing videos on Clipchamp now.

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2. InVideo

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InVideo - FilterGrade

InVideo is an online video creation platform that can be used by basic to advanced video creators especially if you want to start with a template first or convert an article to a video. InVideo is used by 1M+ users who are mainly small businesses, freelancers, individuals, agencies, etc.

Some of our favorite features of this platform:

  • free plan is watermark free
  • they have 4000+ templates for categories like promos, ads, social media, etc.

InVideo’s premium plan for just $10 also comes integrated with iStock and Shutterstock. It’s the perfect platform for businesses that do not have professional video editors but still want to leverage video. InVideo also offers 24/7 support, so you’ll always get help when you need it within 2 minutes.

Try editing videos on InVideo now.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is the online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, view and share your movies at up to 4K resolution for stunning playback anywhere. You can work on any Mac or PC computer browser, Chromebook, iOS, and Android device. The cloud storage they offer allows you to start projects on one device and pick up where you left off on another. You can also edit the video with your teammates if you purchase the business plan. You can publish 5min/month with 1GB cloud storage available and export completed projects in 480p output resolution.

WeVideo Interface

Photo: Jen Jonson

Try editing videos on WeVideo now.

4. Canva Video Editor

the canva video editor

An amazing launch, from the brilliant team at Canva. The Video editor page lets you create and edit videos on any device and on different platforms. It syncs up across devices when you’re logged in, and can be a great tool for social media teams and social video campaigns!

Try editing videos on Canva Video Editor now.

5. Online Video Cutter

Once you are in the Online Video Cutter website, your journey to create and edit videos have began. The website, far away from fancy design, has everything you can imagine for simple video editing. You can easily cut, trim, crop and rotate the video you uploaded in all kinds of formats. You don’t have to buy a license or pay for extra features or downloads. It’s totally free to use.

Online Video Cutter

Try editing videos on Online Video Cutter now.

6. Magisto

The amazing thing about Magisto is their high tech A.I. video maker can magically transforms your videos and photos into exciting video stories. Just within minutes your video stories are ready to share. If you are a marketer, Magisto is still the one that will match your taste. It can help you create marketing videos and product videos with unprecedented scale and effectiveness. Their cooperation with iStock also provides tons of pro video clips and photos.

Magisto Editing

Try editing videos on Magisto now.

7. Adobe Spark Video Maker

A free mobile and online video maker from Adobe. Spark Video makes it easy to produce quick video stories. Read the beginner tutorial on ‘How to Make a Video‘ first to get you started with this cool free editing software. You can create in your browser or on the Spark Video iOS App.

adobe spark video

Photo: Adobe

Try editing videos on Adobe Spark now.

8. Wave Online Video Editor from Animatron is a free online video editor with all the features needed to create a stunning video for social media, Youtube, or other projects. With you can: trim clips, add text to video, dim/brighten clips, combine clips and fade them with transition effects, resize video, and more.

wave online video editor free

Photo: Animatron

Try editing videos on now.

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  1. Asad says:

    Really awesome article I love these video editors

  2. Civali says:

    Cheat, only Online Video Cutter is free. The others has a price plan!

    1. RamenBunny says:

      I agree! The article states “Top FREE Video Editors” and this is just a scam!

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    Excellent article. Thank you for sharing and your time & knowledge. One tiny constructive criticism on the description for #3: “have began” (in my understanding) may be improper English grammar… Either: “it began” or “it has begun” that little (past-tense) helper verb, in between, dictates that you use “begun”.

    Nonetheless: I will be trying out the Online Video Cutter today. Thank you, again.

  4. jk says:

    All these editing programs has a price plan. Only online video cutter is free, but I don’t need her…

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    wevideo is a website that i have been using to edit my youtube videos and it has not been very useful. not something that i would use that much

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    Thanks for the article but most of them are not free. The Online video editors that are completely free and that I’ve tried are Canva ( and Wideo (
    Do you know them?

  7. youtuber says:

    I like wevideo because it is easy and fast to edit

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