Top 20 Portrait Mobile Lightroom Presets

Top 20 Portrait Mobile Lightroom Presets

Mobile Lightroom presets are great for photographers, content creators, and influencers. These Lightroom presets can turn a regular portrait or selfie into something spectacular. Check out one of the Lightroom preset packs listed below to find the perfect effect for your portraits.

Inspirational travel presets and effects, all compatible with Lightroom Mobile. Which presets are your favorite? Leave a comment below! Cover photo by Meghan Schiereck.

The Best Portrait Presets for Lightroom Mobile

Love Chloe Jane Summer Presets

This Lightroom preset was created by lifestyle blogger and influencer Love Chloe Jane. It is self described as “low key” and is perfect for turning normal photos into something special. It features 9 Summer travel + lifestyle Lightroom presets.

Allegra Messina Lightroom Mobile Presets

Allegra Messina, a talented photographer, brings us the Allegra Messina Lightroom Mobile Presets. These presets will bring detail and vibrancy to your photos. It features 19 Lightroom Presets with noisy grain effects.

BROWN TONES Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets

Warm brown tones for fashion are the highlight of this Lightroom preset. It is perfect for portraits, lifestyle, wedding, and vintage photographs.

Leslie Png Lightroom Presets (Mobile)

This Lightroom preset created by Leslie Png was inspired by the 6 types of moods we have according to different times and environments. With this Lightroom preset you will receive 6 presets that are specifically curated for different scenes, lighting, and environments.

6 Dark Skin Mobile Lightroom Presets

Dark skin can be tricky to get right if you are unfamiliar with working with it. Thankfully, 3Motional Studio is here with a Lightroom Mobile Preset that is specifically designed for people with dark skin.

LouwLemmer Signature Tones (Desktop + Mobile LR Presets)

This Lightroom preset was carefully crafted and professionally done. It was optimized for portrait and product photography that allows you to take your photographs to the next level. It features warm and cool moody looks along with vibrant colors.

Bronze Beach Theme Mobile LR Presets

Summer and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly. Take your beach selfies and portraits to a higher level by using the Bronze Beach Theme Mobile Lightroom presets.

10 Boudoir Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Mattte Studio Store brings us a classy and elegant Lightroom preset bundle. It is intimate, sexy, and flattering. This preset will give your photos a trendy, warm, and stylish look.

Dope Portrait Lightroom Presets

Light rich blush tones with hints of warm gold radiance is the major draw of this Lightroom preset. If you are looking to create dope photos then be sure to check this Lightroom preset out.

Tone Lightroom Presets – Mobile & Desktop

Tone is a Lightroom preset that is compatible with all versions of Lightroom. It is extremely versatile and features regular free updates.

{Colour Me Pretty Presets} THE RANCH Lightroom Preset Collection

Earthy tones and rich organic tones are the highlights of this Lightroom preset. It was created by Meg Magsig and she got her inspiration from working cattle, riding horses, and long Summer days spent outdoors.

Mustard Smurf Mobile Presets by Marisa Hampe

Marisa Hampe created a beautiful set of Lightroom Presets. These presets include dark, rich in contrast and turquoise tones that are colorblocked with warmer and ocher orange tones. These moody presets are perfect for indoor and outdoor portraits.

8 Selfies + Skin Tones Mobile Lightroom Presets

If you are looking for a multitude of brightening and softening presets that feature a unique variety of tones then check this Lightroom preset out. This preset is ideal for fashion influencers and can turn a regular selfie into a work of art.

Gail Bowman Fresh and Clean Lightroom Mobile Presets

The Fresh and Clean Lightroom Mobile preset was created by Gail Bowman. It features true ocean blues and jungle green tones to warm skin edits. These presets are high quality and are perfect for portraits.

30 Hot Black Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

As mentioned above darker skin can be difficult to work with if you are not familiar with. This Lightroom preset features 30 different presets selected from three types of dark skins tones (Olive, Brown, Black).


Want your portraits to have a urban or street theme with dark contrast effects? If yes, then check out this bundle of 10 Portrait Mobile Lightroom presets.

Lifestyle Lightroom Presets by Alex Arkhipov

This bundle of Lightroom presets features authentic film colors, tints, and film noise that will help your audience feel the mood of your photos. This bundle includes many different presets that include cloudy brown, dark chocolate, and cold summer presets to name a few.

18 Fitness Studio Mobile Lightroom Presets

3Motional Studio brings us the 18 Fitness Studio Mobile Lightroom Presets. The color filter in these presets make your skin look more prominent and defined. It also enhances the contrast resolution to make your photos look more pleasing.

50 Autumn Mobile Lightroom Presets

If you are looking for presets that work well with natural light portraits then these presets are for you. The 50 Autumn Mobile Lightroom Presets well crafted and look incredible.

Caramel Sugar Lightroom Presets Pack for Desktop and Mobile

Self proclaimed as the “worlds greatest brown-toned preset ever created”, PixelHivePro brings us the Caramel Sugar Lightroom preset. It contains 12 Lightroom presets that feature rich and earth browns that are great for portraits.

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