Top 15 Travel Photographers on Instagram

travel photographers on Instagram

In today’s world, many turn to Instagram for their daily dose of picturesque destinations and scenic routes. Similarly, Instagram provides a platform for some of the most adventure seeking individuals to share their exploits with the world. Our selection of photographers zoom in on charming islands, hidden waterfalls, lesser-known cities and high-adrenaline journeys.

Take a look at what we believe to be the top 15 Travel Photographers on Instagram. Of course feel free to leave comments just in case we missed any really good ones. Maybe these accounts will inspire to finally go on that trip, you definitely deserve. We hope you like what you see and follow along. Also, follow FilterGrade on Instagram!

1. Dave and Deb

First on our list, are Dave and Deb, an adventuring couple that have shown for the past 6 years that you don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie or uber-rich to be an adventurer, all while taking amazing photographs. Their Instagram is chuck full of fantastically composed images of places from around the world.

2. Trey Ratcliff

While also travelling, Trey expertly depicts the culture and people of the places he visits. To compliment the new perspectives he receives on each adventure, he excellently uses perspective to add depth to his images making them that much more intriguing.

3. Gary Arndt

2x travel photographer of the year Gary Arndt, is by far one of the coolest travellers on our list. His is a mixture of everything, from breathtaking landscapes to snapshots of far flung cities.

4. Mattew Karsten

Adventure is Matthews middle name. From skiing on the hills of western Canada to surfing Johannesburg waves, he is no stranger to capturing high intensity, in the moment photos.

5. Callum Snape

If there is one thing that’s grabbed us about Callum’s and his photos its his breathtaking shots of our planet’s most beautiful nook and crannies.

6. Liz Carlson

Moving halfway across the world in search of adventure, Liz uses her photos as an excellent medium to tell  the stories of her adventures.

7. Kyle Sipple

The rocks, mountains, forests and snowy landscapes of America have never looked so good till they met Kyle’s lenses.

8. Alexandra Taylor

Alexandra’s pictures don’t fail to capture the essence of adventure and discovery, something a travel photographer such as herself, experiences.

9. Johan Lolos

Bona fide world explorer and traveller Johan, takes exceptional landscape photos without missing a beat.

10. Jason Charles Hill

If you love the “on the edge” lifestyle that comes with living a life of travels, Jason expertly captures that.

11. Scott Kranz

Scott’s pictures warmed their way into our heart because of their exceptional representation of both the beauty and high-adrenaline moments that come with the travelling life.

12. Alex Strohl

Based out of Vancouver Canada, Alex’s pictures capture the snowy mountains and plains, quite spectacularly.

13. Rob Strok

Rob is a fantastic representation of the modern voyager, using contemporary methods to capture fantastic shots.

14. İlhan Eroğlu

Ilhan’s photos infuse a new life and colour to already beautiful landscapes and country sides.

15. Taylor Burk

There’s a certain spontaneity that endeared us to Taylor’s photos, capturing those fleeting moments in between the hustle and bustle of travelling.

If you made it this far down the post, you’re pretty awesome. Who is your favourite travel photographer on Instagram? We’d love to know in the comments below.

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    Great list, some great people please feel free to checkout MalloryOnTravel too. ☺

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    Thanks for sharing. Always good to follow great adventurers :)

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