Upselling for Photographers: How to Make More Money

Upselling for Photographers: How to Make More Money

The majority of photographers love their job. Few people make a career from doing what they truly love. Photographers are able to make a living from their creativity and passion. Yet, for many photographers, creating art and photography is the easy part of the job, due to this passion and drive. However, being able to sell photography work is just as important as creating it. This is the part many photographers struggle with, however, as many aren’t as passionate about selling their work as they are creating it.

In order to become good at selling, this doesn’t necessarily mean photographers must become passionate about selling. Simply altering a sales approach to show customers of your passion and knowledge for photography is the most effective kind of selling technique. Allow Beaver Frames to discuss how photographers can use their passion to upsell their work.

How to Upsell in Photography

Show Your Passion

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When it comes to photography, traditional, hard-selling techniques aren’t effective. They can seem ungenuine and push customers away. Demonstrating your passion for your work and photography, without trying to force a sale onto a customer will help them to feel comfortable. Once customers experience a photographers passion for art, this can resonate with them and spark their interest.

Photography is subjective and emotive. Everyone has different tastes. Customers will often browse through your work without a definite idea of the kind of photography they’d like to purchase. The beauty of photography is that you can have a clear idea of a piece you’d like, then something completely different catches your eye. This is where you can use your knowledge and expertise to your advantage. Allow customers to browse through your work freely, without any pressure, however, offer your assistance where you need it. Listen to them and offer genuine, helpful advice to help find what they are looking for. Prioritizing their needs as a customer over yours, shows you are trustworthy and interested in helping them rather than making a sale.

Offer a Personalized Service

Introducing customers to other relevant, useful products to customers can also convince them of your interest and knowledge surrounding photography. For example, recommending a frame or photo mount which complements their purchase.

As photography is so subjective and personal, you need to offer a personal, bespoke service. Whether this is done through the product itself, such as a handmade frame or crafted photobook. Creating a personal experience and service for customers will help them to feel special and valued, rather than just another customer.

Relate to the Client’s Needs

As mentioned, photography is subjective and often sentimental. Whether a piece of art is bought to be displayed in a home or as a gift to a loved one, the chances are the clients’ purchase is likely to be special to somebody. Asking the customer about the purchase, and showing genuine interest in them as a human being rather than a customer will show your positive intentions. Customers are more likely to resonate with this kind of approach, rather than an artificial hard-selling one. If you can resonate with your customers by showing genuine interest and enthusiasm in what they want, your products and service will be hard to resist.

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Some customers will be unfamiliar with photography and unsure of what they are looking for. Many salespeople will attempt to use this to their advantage to force an unaware customer into a sale. However, customers are often skeptical and can see through this kind of approach. Offering meaningful and friendly advice show the client you are patient and trustworthy. This adds more value to your opinion if it is clear your priority isn’t to take their money.

If a client wishes to hire a wedding photographer for one of the most important days in their life, they need a person they can trust. Wedding photographers have an important role to play on the day, rather than just taking pictures. In order to take high-quality wedding photographs, guests must feel relaxed and comfortable. This requires a friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic photographer, who is confident enough to get guests together for a photograph, often in fun, imaginative arrangements. Wedding photographers also act as a facilitator of the day, so clients want someone they like and trust. It is a big decision for clients, so showing you understand how important their big day is could make their choice easier.


Resonating with your customers’ individual needs and sharing your expertise and passion for your work is the most honest and effective sales approach when it comes to photography. Your work is special to you and it is likely the art will be a sentimental client for your customer also. Concentrating on the customer and your work rather than making a sale will come across more genuine and natural, leaving your work to sell itself.

Author Bio: Callum McPhillips

Callum works with Beaver Frames. Beaver Frames produce bespoke picture frames and mounts, for photography, certificates and more.

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