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Graphic design, like any creative platform, is a time-consuming process that requires more effort than creating an image on another 2D material. Learning and mastering the skills to create mesmerizing works of art in this arena is awe-inspiring and highly commendable. With that being said, we thought it only appropriate to give some recognition to a few of those designers that have mastered this creative art sphere in their own unique ways. Below is our list of 20 vector artists worthy of following.

Vector Artist and Designers to Follow

1. Markus Magnusson

Markus Magnusson is a skilled character vector artist. His designs are colorful, animated, and fun to watch. While he may specialize in creating character walking themed pieces of work he also creates a variety of other designs. Check out his profile on Dribbble here

2. Maryanne Nguyen

This vector artist will captivate you with her designs. She beautifully creates realistic pieces that capture everyday life while bringing a dreamy and mystical tone to them. Some of her works brilliantly meshes reality and the daydreamer. See more of her work here

3. Ryan Putnam

This artist is doing more than just wed vectors. Most of his pieces are transformed into a risograph and then transferred to other mediums. See how he is changing the vector world here

4. Ranganath Krishnamani

Ranganath Krishnamani is another artist who perfectly captures the little moments of everyday life in her vector art. Her pieces are simple yet detailed. See her profile here. 

5. Md Said

This designer does fantastic, landscape vector art. He also specializes in logo design. See more of his work here

6. Ahmed Fahim

Ahmed Fahim on Behance

Ahmed Fahim does amazing realistic vector art. His attention to detail in his design is remarkable. See some of his other work here

7. Zach Higgins

This designer has mastered fine lines and colorwork. From simple designs to intricate scenes his work will bring a smile to your face. He also does some fantastic work with text and logos. Look over his work here

8. José Pablo Ledesma

Few artists master more than one technical skill when it comes to graphic design, but José Pablo Ledesma isn’t your typical designer. His artwork ranges from illustration, animation, vector art, and ink work. He has a vast collection that is all intricately detailed and wonderfully finished. He is one noteworthy designer that you will want to follow. Check out his collections here

9. Lena Vargas

If you want to be immersed in color and abstract images, Lena Vargas is the artist for you. Her designs are full of life! Look them over here and follow her Instagram @lenalaballena.

10. Unana ill_art

This vector artist has a mix of pieces. Most of her work is nostalgic and others will make you think. Check her out here

11. Davut Yazıcı

If you check out this designer’s Instagram (@davut.yazici) you will be flooded with stunning works of art. He focuses on landscape and architectural pieces but has an array of other designs that you will love. See more of his work here.  

12. Reannon Overbey

If you love dogs you’ll love this designer. She creates some cute pieces of art using pastel colors, and will often feature an illustration of a dog. Look her work over here

13. Elena Baryshkina

Elena Baryshkina’s vector art is bright and will capture your attention. While the design seems simply there are perfectly executive, which we know is no simple feat. Look at her work here

14. Estudio Pum

Estudio Pum is a design studio that features work from multiple designers. Each design is full of life and filled with amazing craftsmanship. Look over their portfolio here. 

15. Musketon

Musketon on Behance

If you want a daily dose of amazing vector designs then you’ll have to follow @Musketon on Instagram. His work ranges from color illustrations to thought-provoking pieces of art.  

16. Taj Francis

TENFOLD - Vibes — Taj Francis / T Λ J

Taj Francis’ (aka- T A J Tenfold) vector creations are bold and captivating. Each design is unique in and of itself. There is so much going on but none of it is overwhelming. Follow this artist here

17. Jared Mirabile (Sweyda)

Jared Mirabile | Dribbble

Jared Mirabile, better recognized as Sweyda, designs are dramatic and meticulously thought out. This designer’s work ranges from detailed illustration to custom created text. Follow @Sweyda on Instagram. 

18. Luc

Letting the Birds and Beard Out enviroment character design character drawing digital drawing concept art art photoshop illustration birds dwarf

Luc has an arrangement of design work that is detailed and mystical. He perfectly combines his creativity and realistic elements for truly one-of-a-kind works of art. Check out his designs here. 

19. Ezequiel Villarreal

Ezequiel Villarreal is a designer that does magnificent logo, branding, and web design works. His areas of focus are wide-ranging so you are sure to find something that interests you. Look over his collections here.

20. Thomas Danthony

Elegant illustrations by Thomas Danthony | Partfaliaz

Rounding off our vector designers to follow is Thomas Danthony. His features well-thought-out color themes and perfectly composed designs. Follow him on Instagram @thomas_danthony

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