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Educated as an engineer and with a family background in education, Ravi Mistry found his calling in a creative field. Gifted with a Nikon FM10 as a young boy by his parents, he took to photography very easily.  Developed over years of hard work, this passion eventually turned into a career, one that has ventured him into a number of great work opportunities in all branches of photography along with his wife, Ishita, who shoots along side sometimes and always very supportive and helpful. Weddings, portraits, fashion, corporate are some of the branches he excels at but while Landscapes remains his soul’s passion. He has won a number of awards for the weddings he has documented at national and international level.

Photography is never just about the equipments and gadgets for him, he truly believes in making the most of any camera you hold in your hand and the power of good lighting techniques and post-production can work magic, according to his formula.

Being bold and fearless is the key to standing out amongst the intense competition in the photography world. Today he uses a number of Nikon digital as well as film cameras for his work including the new Nikon Z6,  Z7  as well as Nikon F100, Hasselblad and Mamiya alongside his very first Nikon FM10.

His institute, Sadhana Institute of Design (http://www.sadhanainstituteofdesign.com/) where he conducts one-on-one classes in photography for basic and advanced level serious students, is also run on these principles and has been developed as a place where all present and former students come together to work on new solutions and creating beautiful images.

With a penchant for details and a predisposition towards perfecting his art, Ravi Mistry is a man who never stops learning from the global masters, experimenting and constantly achieving to better his skills with each new project.

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