Video Marketing Trends to Prepare for 2023

Video Marketing Trends to Prepare for 2023

Everything has changed with the advancements in technology. From black-and-white ads to 360-degree ads, the brands have upgraded their marketing strategies.

Gone are the days when the standard marketing practices used to work. The competition has increased and consumer preferences have also changed. 

Video marketing was and still is the best marketing strategy. However, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to follow the latest trends.

Following are the video marketing trends that can help you boost your marketing game in 2023. Cover photo by William Bayreuther.

Make shorter videos

One billion people use TikTok and 116 million people use Likee across the globe. TikTok videos have an average length of 21 to 34 seconds. YouTube and Facebook have also introduced short videos. There is a reason why people are loving these short video apps.

Short videos not only save you time but also help you understand the message effectively. You no longer need to find some time from your busy schedule to watch your favorite videos. You can watch these short videos while traveling, walking, cooking, and even during your exercise time.

If you want to take an edge over your competitors in 2023, start preparing short videos. Introduce your products and services without making your audience feel bored. Make sure to keep the videos concise and optimized for the platform where you intend to upload the videos.

Go for user-generated content

People prefer user generate content over traditional marketing content. The user-generated content is 2.4 times more likely to convert as compared to standard marketing content.

The user-generated content is brand specific, original, and created by customers. Examples of user-generated content include product unboxing videos, product reviews, and tutorials.

You can use this strategy by asking your loyal customers to make videos. Various software, tools, and scripts are available that can help the consumer to record a product video by just clicking a button or a link. You can do this easily by offering discounts or free samples in exchange for the videos. When a lot of consumers praise your product through original videos, you can expect a boost in your sales.

Prepare interactive videos

These are the videos that allow a user to perform the final action within the video screen. It can be a buy now button, an email capture form, or a survey.

According to a report, interactive videos have an 11% more conversion rate as compared to traditional videos. It is because the user no longer needs to search for links above or below the video.

If you want to upgrade your video marketing strategy, shift to interactive content. Make it convenient for people to reach you. The social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook have already introduced these features. You can take advantage and skyrocket your sales.

Use silent videos

Silent movies were a great hit in the 1920s. According to Verizon media, 92% of people love to watch videos in silent mode. The times and trends have changed. However, people still love silent videos but for different reasons

You can watch these videos while traveling or in public places without using a headphone. Silent videos are also great when we consider privacy. These videos can also save you from embarrassing situations. For example, you are watching a meme on your mobile phone on a train and there is suddenly a loud sheep voice. It will make you meme material.

Facebook introduced a feature where videos autoplay while you scroll the feed. You can turn off the sound and enjoy the videos.

If you do not want to miss that 92% of people that love silent videos, make sure to include this strategy in your marketing plans while you prepare for 2023.

Add auto captions

As discussed in the previous section, many people love silent videos. When you turn on the auto-captions feature, it will help them understand the video context without turning the sound on.

According to a study, 55% of consumers like to see the captions while watching tips, 53% while watching food videos, and 52% love this option when watching the news.

This feature is available on almost all major social media platforms. All you need to do is to turn on this feature while you upload the video. This feature is also great for those who can not hear properly but can see and read. Thus, utilizing this trend will help you broaden your audience.

Create product videos

More people shifted to video content during the pandemic in 2021. It is because they spent more time on mobiles. 84% of consumers buy a product after they watch a video about the product. 80% of phone users install an app or software after watching a video.

The product videos can help a common man understand what the product is all about, what it offers, and how to use it. These videos help consumers decide whether buying the product would be a great idea or not.

When you create product videos that demonstrate properly, you increase your chances of converting prospects into customers. Make sure to explain everything properly to increase your chances.

Do not forget tutorials

A tutorial video helps us understand how to use a product properly. It is a step-by-step guide to help the viewer understand and repeat to rule out any chances of errors. 

When you create a tutorial and share it with the consumers, it results in a positive experience. It creates an impression that you are not just selling the product, you are backing it up by helping the consumers.

It is not a new trend but it is an evergreen strategy that can help you gain more customers in 2023.

Use interview videos

People love to see what others think about a product or a service. It can help them decide quickly. You can contact industry experts or invite your customers for video interviews.

Recently, the brands have started to post video interviews of their customers where they discuss the brand or product, how it helped them, and how it can help others. These are the feedback videos but in an organized manner.

According to Qualtrics, 93% of customers search the internet for feedback videos before buying a product. When you use a lot of interview videos in your marketing campaign, you can expect a spike in your sales as people are already searching for these videos. Thus, when planning for 2023, make interview videos an essential part of your marketing campaign.

Share brand story videos

Brand story videos can be a great way of standing out and showing the human aspect behind your business. People like to see how you work, what sets you apart from other companies, and how you solve problems effectively.

When you create brand story videos, explain who you are, when you started the business, where are you located, what you offer, and how it is good for the consumers. You can also explain your values and how you protect your customer’s privacy.

A good brand story usually consists of 60 seconds to 2 minutes. Professional production companies suggest a video length of around 90 seconds for a brand story video to be entertaining, memorable, and sharable.

Communicate and sell through live streaming videos

Live streaming videos allow you to contact your audience in real-time. You can answer their questions and clear any doubts they might have. These videos can also help the audience speak directly with the people behind a product or service. Live video marketing is a great, cost-effective way to advertise & market your product or service.

Many tools and platforms are also available that can help you sell your items while you do the live streaming. Thus you can increase your revenue while you communicate with the audience. While monetization should be a part of any content marketing strategy, creating such items like custom merchandise, can not only be a channel for passive income, but also increase the sense of community.

A study revealed that more than 40 percent of executives contacted vendors after seeing a video. More importantly, 73% of businesses using live video to engage with their targeted audience reported positive returns on investment. 

If you are preparing for marketing in 2023, get ready and prepare your tools for live streaming as it is going to be one of the vital strategies.

Use 360-degree videos

The advancements in technology now let us capture 360-degree videos also known as immersive videos. You can capture every angle of a place or product easily. As a result, the audience can see how the product looks from different angles.

Accessories like VR can be easily attached to a phone and enhance the experience. A good example of a VR video is to showcase property, like real estate firms do in 360-degree videos. This can allow viewers to explore properties without having to physically be there, making them more likely to purchase or rent.

A study by marketing dive found that 360 videos can increase buying intent by 7%. If you are interested in increasing the conversion rate, take advantage of this latest marketing trend and enjoy a boost in sales.

Start Vlogs

When it comes to video marketing, you need to be creative. This is where vlogs can help. While not many brands opt for vlogs, you can experiment if you want to stay ahead of the competition in 2023.

You can share the daily activities of your company, the workplace, and the team in your vlog. It can be used to help educate customers and provide them with information about your brands. Moreover, it allows you to show the human side of your company and helps the customer better connect with your brand.

Create longer ads

Different advertising platforms have different rules. Talking about YouTube advertising, If your ad is less than 30 seconds long, there’s a chance that people will see it in its entirety. If your video is over 30 seconds, chances are people will have seen at least part of it. In both cases, you pay when they interact.

You can create longer video ads so that people have more time to understand the message and interact accordingly. Since the cost of advertising remains the same, longer video ads can boost the conversion rate. However, you should make sure that your ad should not exceed 60 seconds marks because there is a chance that people might skip it altogether if they find it irrelevant. To keep viewers entertained, you may want to include a key point of interest or promotional offer near the beginning of the ad. 

Since longer ads increase the chances of conversion and reduce your advertising costs, make sure to include them in your marketing strategy for 2023.

Use AI tools for video marketing

Nowadays, AI can help you create engaging videos, find the right time to post, and offer detailed reports on how people respond to your videos.

You can use these tools to automate the process. You can even create videos by just adding a little description. If you use AI tools, you can get personalized video content that speaks to your audience and delivers increased success for your company. These tools will also help your brand internally by allowing you to focus on one task instead of many.

Marketing is becoming more data-driven and personalized than ever before. The new era relies on quick information and content to interact with the changing customer base. About 61% of marketers believe that brands who integrate AI into their marketing strategies can react quicker and become more personal, affecting their bottom line positively. If you are among those digital marketers, do not forget to use AI in your video marketing campaigns in 2023. 

You can analyze this AI marketing data and integrate it with a sales automation platform for converting those leads into customers.

Utilize all social media channels

Gone are the days when there were 2-3 social media channels for video marketing. Nowadays, you have YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and Pinterest.

If you want to grow your presence, you need to use all these channels, VPN will help you to log in wherever you are. Most video editors allow you to resize the videos depending upon the platform you choose. Thus it is easy to publish your video content with a single click.

The total number of social media users is almost 5 billion. If you want to grow in 2023, you need to reach out to your audience by utilizing every single platform that you have access to. It means you have a great opportunity to reach out to 5 billion people. An increase in your social media following means sales and hence more profits


To conclude, if you are looking to improve your video marketing strategies in 2023, make shorter videos, utilize user-generated content, make interactive videos, use the live streaming feature, and do not forget AI.

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