What are LRF Files on DJI Drones?

If you’ve ever shot on a DJI drone you may have come across files with the extension .lrf on your microSD card.

Wondering what these filetypes are? In this quick article we’ll explain why these are important and how you can use them.

Low Resolution Previews

LRF files are created on your DJI drone to provide a low resolution preview for viewing and sharing. These also help with playback on the device.

If you have a controller for your drone you may have noticed the message ‘low resolution preview’ when you’re playing back footage. The device is playing these .lrf files.

Unfortunately, these cannot be turned off. They are required for playback on the controller or mobile app when controlling your drone.

what are .lrf files on DJI Drones

Once imported into your computer, you can delete these files if you’d prefer to just have the full quality clips and save space. But there are a few benefits to these files:

  • If you plan to review the footage on your controller again, you’ll need to keep these.
  • If you want a smaller file to quickly share on social media, just change .lrf to .mp4 and these are useable.
  • They can be good for reviewing footage across editing teams before deciding on final cuts/selections.

You can read a bit more about these files on the DJI forums here.

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