What is Post.Pro? New Platform for Filmmakers

What is Post.Pro? New Platform for Filmmakers

Today we’re taking a quick look at Post.pro, which is an online platform for video creators and filmmakers. One part of the service allows you to upload videos and then embed them on your own website. The other half has a highly-curated selection of videos. They compare themselves to a combination of Dribbble and Vimeo.

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They’re less of a video creation platform and more of a community platform for filmmakers. Their video embedding system is versatile and comes with a lot of great features you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Customizable video players
  • Forced high-res playback on embedded videos
  • Looping video options
  • Attachment files
  • Video download options
  • Thumbnails

A lot of these features are very useful. You don’t want to embed a video on a website and have it look different than you intend. The best part is definitely the custom branding. You can adjust the color of the background, the accents (like the progress bar), and the buttons. This also goes nicely with the fact that you can create a custom thumbnail. So, unlike YouTube’s red elements and Vimeo’s blue elements, your Post video can be matched with the branding and colors present in your thumbnail.

Looping options and forcing high-resolution playback is perfect for any web-embedded video. This means you can reliably embed videos anywhere on your website, including as a website header.

Post.pro has a free membership option with some features. But it also has a $5, $10, and $20 plan.

If it takes off, Post might prove to be a great haven for video editors and special effects artists to show off their highlight reels and cool projects.

It was created by the founders of Motionarray.com which is a well-established motion graphics website full of assets to download.

Who is Post.pro made for?

So who is Post.pro made for? It’s really just a place for filmmakers and other creatives. It might not have any value to anyone else, like Vimeo might have to those just interested in watching films. Post is a platform that will be full of highlight reels and professionals sharing their portfolios. Companies can use it to find their next great hire, and filmmakers can show off their amazing work to the community. You can follow specific creators and curate your feed to reflect your style, just like any social media.

Finding content isn’t hard either. In the Collections tab you can look at different categories of clips, including motion graphics reels, 2D motion graphics, simulations, isometric images, and more.

The website is still pretty new, so there isn’t a lot of content on it. We encourage you to go check it out and join. Whether you’re an artist or just appreciate art, join the community and help make it grow!

Share your best videos, demo reels, and animation/vfx examples with the world, and you might just find your next client on Post.pro.

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