What to Do After Posting a Vlog

What to Do After Posting a Vlog

Alright, you’ve edited an amazing vlog full of entertaining content and posted it on YouTube for the world to see. But that’s not the end of the content.

You can’t just forget about this vlog and let it fade into obscurity, so today we’re showing you what to do after posting a vlog. Cover photo by: The Lazy Artist Gallery

Below you can find critical tips that will help your channel growth explode, and help your audience develop! Focusing on creating high quality content, and optimizing it, is key to building an audience in 2020!

Check the Video’s Details

youtube crankgameplays video end screen
Whoops! I think there’s supposed to be something here!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a video with a custom end-screen template but that didn’t have suggested videos or a subscribe button added in, I wouldn’t have to worry about ad revenue on YouTube. Adding these details is something that is easy to forget, even if you’re following a checklist. After posting your video, go back into the backend and double-check that you’ve added an end-screen, have appropriate cards throughout the video, and that your description is accurate. Of course all of this should be done before you go live with the vlog, but there’s nothing wrong with double-checking your work.

Update Irrelevant Videos

Unless your video is timeless (and maybe even if it is) it is likely to fade into obscurity at some point and not gain any more views. But you can keep your videos relevant by referencing them in future videos and using cards or end screen suggestions. Just be mindful about making reference to your older videos in your newer videos and using those linking tools. If you do something remotely related to the subject of an older video, don’t be afraid to reference it. A view is a view, even if it’s a view on an outdated vlog.

Check Comments Frequently

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If you have a lot of subscribers, you’re likely to get a lot of comments in the first couple of days after posting the video. You should set aside some time an hour or two after your video goes live to respond to the first comments. After that, just make sure that you check your comments a few times over the next few days. If you are still growing, and don’t get a lot of comments, it is still smart to check your comments every few days. If you’re not getting many comments, responding to those few comments will be incredibly important.

Update Old Ideas

Depending on your exact content, you may or may not be able to post an updated version a year or so after posting a vlog. Ask yourself if what you’re discussing in your video may become outdated, or you may have a good reason to return to that topic. Revisiting successful video topics is a great idea – you’ve already proven that people like what you have to say on the subject, so why not talk about it later with updated information and a fresh perspective?

You can also update your old videos with fresh tags, a new engaging thumbnail, or a more relevant, timeless title.

Try Different Thumbnails and Titles

youtube creator studio ranking
Example of YouTube’s video rankings

Is your new video not performing as well as other recent videos? You may want to have a second thumbnail and/or title waiting in the wings to try out. If the first hour of your video going live isn’t as good as you’d want, then try adding on the new thumbnail or title to attract more viewers. YouTube actually has some built-in tools that can help you decide if you want to do this or not. On the dashboard of YouTube’s creator studio, you can see a ranking for your most recent video as compared to the performance of your previous videos. If it’s not as high as you’d like, you can try a different look and see if it catches on!

These are our top things to do after posting a vlog – whether it’s immediately after, or several months after the fact. Do you have a ritual for after your videos go live? Let us know your tips in the comments below if you’ve found a successful YouTube strategy!

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