24 Wonderful Winter Photos to Inspire You

24 Wonderful Winter Photos to Inspire You

It’s winter time (in the northern hemisphere at least) which means that it’s time for some winter photo inspiration! Hopefully these 24 gorgeous winter photos inspire you to get cozy with a cup of coffee and a blanket. Or maybe to get out into the snow with your own camera and capture some amazing winter photos!

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1. Cozy Cabin

Photo by Ian Keefe

This lakeside cabin in Canada looks peaceful and serene, and like a spot of warmth in an otherwise cold landscape. You know those social media posts about being able to spend a year in a cabin without internet? This might be that cabin.

2. Hot Cup of Joe

Photo by Alex

There’s not much better than a hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate, or tea) on a cold and snowy day. While this photo is desaturated to look cold, it gives off a sense of warmth as well.

3. Snowglobe

Photo by Alex

Anyone would be excited to capture this photo! This frozen bubble full of mini snowflakes sits gingerly on top of a branch, adn the focus is perfect. There’s no sense of scale so who knows if this bubble is super tiny, or really huge.

4. Winter Hike

Photo by Donnie Rosie

This hemlock forest looks beautiful with the sun streaming through and the snow piled on thick. Imagine trudging through these woods!

5. Serene Lake

Photo by Dominik Dombrowski

This photo of Hintersee, a lake in Germany, is ghostly and serene. The water looks incredibly flat and still, and the fog in the distance conceals whatever lies beyond the trees.

6. Foggy Forest

Photo by Christian Grab

This endless forest shows the hints of winter. The snow-tipped evergreen trees feel like the start of winter coming on, and the foggy clouds leave this photo with a sense of mystery.

7. Neon Street

Photo by Josh Hild

Moving away from the woods and nature, here’s a snowy nighttime street. It’s obviously long after the businesses have closed, and you can practically hear how quiet the city must have been when this photo was taken.

8. Lonesome Shack

Photo by Todd Diemer

Deep in the mountain of Norway lies a ski town called Geilo, and here we see a small shack buried deep in the snow. This photo makes the area look like a giant empty snowfield that never ends.

9. Cold Air Balloon

Photo by yonatan anugerah

This snowy photo was taken in Cappadocia, Turkey. The air is full of hot air balloons, which does not feel like a traditional winter activity. So this photo seems almost otherwordly and the elements are at odds with each other.

10. Winter Window

Photo by Toa Heftiba

This is a cozy snapshot of winter life. Cozy up with a warm cup of your favorite morning beverage and just watch the silent snowy world out your window.

11. Snowy Forest

Photo by Jared Rice

There’s nothing like a great aerial drone shot. This forest photo gives a fresh straight-down perspective of a snowy forest. The snow looks impossibly smooth, and as if the trees are like jagged rocks sticking up out of it.

12. Snowfall in Brooklyn

Photo by Andre Benz

It doesn’t just snow in the country! It also snows in places like Brooklyn, New York. It’s probably a lot less appreciated there, where vehicles are inconvenienced. That being said, you can still appreciate the beauty of the snowfall.

13. Snow Fox

Photo by Jonatan Pie

How could we not put a cute animal on this list? This adorable white fox is a native of Iceland, and the photographer captured a gorgeous image here. The fox obviously loves coming for food every day, so has struck the perfect pose.

14. Flowers in the Ice

Photo by Zoltan Tasi

Whoa! Was this photo taken above the ice? Below the ice? Either way, we see an awe-inspiring snap of a flower on the other side of brightly-lit ice, and it’s an impressive and intriguing photograph.

15. Christmas Cheer

Photo by Roberto Nickson

This winter photo of Whistler, Canada shows the Christmas spirit in full swing, with a street festive and lit with snow-covered trees. It’s cold but merry!

16. Winter Berries

Photo by Maria Shanina

Warm and bright colors look great in contrast to the white of the snow, and this simple photo of bright-red berries amidst the snow is perfect.

17. Icy Mountains

Photo by Alberto Restifo

There’s nothing like snow-covered mount peaks. This large snowfield feels cold, barren, yet also refreshing! Wouldn’t it be great to wander through this with a pair of snowshoes?

18. Cabin in the Woods

Photo by Casey Horner

This isn’t the scary kind of cabin in the woods, it’s the inviting kind! It’s like a gingerbread cabin in the snowy woods. The fact that the subject is out of focus adds to the character of this photo. It feels fuzzy and relaxing.

19. Snow-Wrestling

Photo by Richard Burlton

No giant forests, no serene lakes, no cozy cabins. Just two dogs playing and roughhousing in the snow! You can’t go wrong with an animal photo, and this action shot is great.

20. Late Night

Photo by Brayden Law

This Vancouver, Canada street looks like it might have some trouble afoot, but you can’t help but love the glow of the orange and blue neon lights among the dense snowfall. It’s a great winter photo with a lot of questions to be answered.

21. Arctic Exploration

Photo by Markus Spiske

Not only is the framing of this photo great, but so is the color grading. With the green-hued color grade and the addition of photo grain, this feels like it might be the setting for an 80s sci-fi or horror movie like The Thing.

22. In the Hood

Photo by Zhang Kenny

A mystery person hides deep in the warm hood of this jacket. The facelessness of the subject works great on the winter backdrop, so that this image feels forelorn and empty.

23. A Lonely Road

Photo by Joris Molenaar

Speaking of feeling forlorn, this image is full of emptiness. If there was only one person in the photo instead of two, this would feel truly melancholy. With two people, the story is different. It feels a little bit hopeful, but the coloring feels quite bleak.

24. Ski Action

Photo by Johannes Andersson

Let’s end it off with an action shot! Winter skiing photos are always great to look at. We see a skier coming to a stop and billowing a cloud of snow around them. The sense of action in the center of the photo is in stark contrast to the stillness of the snowy backdrop.

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