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Neumann Films Blockbuster LUTs


Neumann Films Blockbuster LUTs for video editing and color grading.
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Neumann Films Blockbuster LUTs


Blockbuster Movie LUTs for Video

The Blockbuster LUTs are a collection of looks that resemble the color grading from major blockbuster movies. These are brand new looks and are completely unique to the Neumann Films Blockbuster Looks for Premiere Pro.

Add gorgeous hollywood film looks to your videos in minutes with these LUTs. Be sure to check out all the previews to see a before/after of each LUT included.

LUT files are compatible with just about every video editing software under the sun, so you no longer have to worry about which pack to match with your software. Neumann Films customized each LUT to work with 10 different popular cameras/picture profiles.

This pack includes:

  • 10 Blockbuster LUTs
  • 10 Cameras/Profiles (see below)
  • Major Blockbuster Movie Looks
  • Tips & Tricks PDF Help File
  • Video Tutorial for Installation
  • Compatible with Adobe After Effects CS6+, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Speedgrade, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop CS6+, and more! Learn more here.

Camera Profiles

These LUTs will work with the following cameras/profiles.

  • Canon (VisionLog Raw/CineStyle/Neutral)
  • RedLogFilm/RedGamma4
  • Arri Alexa Log C
  • REC709
  • Log
  • GH4 (CineLikeD)

Created by the talented team at Neumann Films. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Youtube for more updates.


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