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Feedback and testimonials from a handful of happy FilterGrade customers.

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Deana Ward

Deana Ward, Web Designer & Life Coach

Love this filter pack. I’m a self-taught designer. Using these actions is so darn simple and makes great photography even BETTER! Thanks for an awesome product and the friendly support.




Ian Barnard

Ian Barnard, Designer & Letterer

I think you guys have covered every single photo filter you’ll ever need with this bundle, well done. Great work!




Jade Newman

Jade Newman, Founder of Design Surplus

QuickTone is the best set of actions I’ve purchased because they are subtle enough that a lot work for one photo, giving many different options. And the Play-All feature is a real time saver!



Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore, Freelance Creative

What a great bundle! Thanks for doing all the work for me! :)



Adam Kendrew, Hobby Photographer

Love these, adds a punch to what may have been some very dull photographs!



Pamela Brackett, Blogger & Creative

This set of actions is stunning! Thanks for making my job a whole lot easier!



Carolina Ferrer

Carolina Ferrer, Food Blogger & Photographer

I am in love with all of them, thank you very much for these lovely actions ;-)



Stacey broggy

Stacey Broggy, Professional Photographer

Your black and white Photoshop actions rock!





Nic Vine-Morris, Photographer & Designers

Your products are amazing ?. I especially love the light leaks. The team behind FilterGrade is brilliant!


Easy to use and great results. Good job!

Darin Clark, Marketing Expert & Designer

Just got this product yesterday and it’s awesome! I’m really enjoying it and it’s giving that effect I’ve always liked in photographs. Thank you!

– Londelle Sheehan, Hobby Photographer

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